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    Blue French Bulldog: Breed Info, Appearance, History, Care 2024

    The Blue French Bulldog is a lovable and easy-to-care-for breed of dog that makes an excellent companion pet. They are small in size, making them a great fit for any living situation, whether it be a tiny apartment or a large home. Despite their name, Blue Frenchies have the same traits and characteristics as other French Bulldogs, except their unique blue color. In this blog post, we will explore everything you need to know about these adorable dogs, from their temperament and appearance to their history and care.

    What is a Blue French Bulldog?

    A Blue French Bulldog is a special kind of doggie friend. Imagine a small, cuddly pup that loves to play and snuggle, just like any other French Bulldog, but it has a coat that’s a beautiful shade of blue! It’s not blue like the sky or the ocean but a unique grayish-blue that makes it look super cool and a bit magical. These pups are just like other Frenchie, meaning they love people, are super friendly, and are great at making you smile. They might look a bit different because of their blue fur, but inside, they’re all about giving love and having fun. They’re small enough to fit in cozy spaces, making them perfect pets for both small apartments and big houses. Just imagine having a little blue buddy to keep you company and play with you!

    Blue French Bulldog History

    Long ago, in a place far away called France, there were some small, cute dogs. People loved them because they were so friendly and happy. But then, a special puppy was born with a magical blue coat, different from the rest. Everyone was amazed by this puppy’s beautiful blue fur. They called these special pups Blue French Bulldogs. They became super popular because their blue fur was so unique and pretty. People all over the world wanted a Blue French Bulldog to be their friend. That’s how the story of the Blue French Bulldog began, and why so many people love them today!

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    Imagine a little, cuddly dog that looks like it’s wrapped in a soft, blue-gray blanket. That’s what a Blue French Bulldog looks like! They have big, round eyes that sparkle like shiny marbles, and their ears are pointy like a bat’s, which makes them super cute. Their face always looks like they’re smiling at you, ready for a hug or playtime. Their bodies are small but strong, perfect for cuddles and running around in the park. And their short, smooth coat feels nice to pet, just like touching a soft, warm teddy bear!

    Blue French Bulldog Age, Weight & Size

    Blue French Bulldogs are like tiny treasures that grow just a bit as they get older. When they are tiny puppies, you can easily carry them in one hand! As they grow up, they don’t get very big, making them perfect lap dogs. Imagine a small bag of flour; that’s how much an adult Blue Frenchie might weigh. They usually weigh between 16 to 28 pounds, which is not very heavy at all!

    Height:10 – 12 inches
    Weight:15 – 30 pounds
    Lifespan:9 – 15 years
    Colors:White, blue
    Suitable for:Seniors, apartment dwellers, families with older children
    Temperament:Laid-back, social, affectionate, silly

    These cute pups stand about as tall as a ruler is long, usually 11 to 12 inches tall when measured from their paws to the tops of their adorable heads. Their size makes them perfect buddies for snuggling on the couch or fitting into small spaces where you can play hide and seek. Even though they grow up, they always keep their playful puppy heart. A Blue French Bulldog is a friend that stays small enough to be your cuddle buddy but big enough to join in all your adventures.

    Blue French Bulldog Cost and Price

    Thinking about getting a Blue French Bulldog as your fluffy friend? Let’s talk about how much they might cost. Imagine saving up your allowance; buying one of these blue pups is kind of like that, but you need a full piggy bank! Blue Frenchies are very special because of their rare blue coat, which means they can be more expensive than other dogs. They can cost as much as a very fancy bicycle or even more – sometimes from a few thousand dollars up to a really big number like $10,000! Why are they so pricey?

    Well, it’s because making sure they are healthy and happy takes a lot of care from the people who help them come into the world. Plus, that beautiful blue color is pretty rare, which makes them extra special. It’s important to remember, too, that after bringing one home, you’ll need to keep saving your allowance for their food, toys, and visits to the vet to keep them feeling good. So, getting a Blue French Bulldog is a big decision, but for many, their cuddles and smiles are worth every penny!


    Imagine your very best friend who is always happy to see you, loves to play and is super friendly to everyone – that’s what a Blue French Bulldog is like! They have such a cheerful personality, it’s like they’re smiling all the time, even without saying a word. When you’re feeling sad or having a bad day, they’re right there to cheer you up, ready to play or give you a gentle, comforting nuzzle. Blue Frenchie’s are also very smart!

    They can learn games and tricks that you teach them, making playtime not just fun but also a cool learning adventure. Despite their small size, they have big hearts full of love and loyalty for their families. They’re kind of like your shadow, following you around, because they just love being with their favorite people. They’re not too loud, so they won’t bark all the time, which is nice if you like a peaceful home. Plus, they get along well with other pets and children, making them perfect for families or anyone looking for a furry friend.

    Blue French Bulldog Care

    Taking care of a Blue French Bulldog is like taking care of a tiny, magical creature who needs your love and attention to be happy and healthy. First, they need to eat good food that’s just right for small dogs. Think of it like feeding them tiny treasures that keep their energy up and their coat shiny and blue. Next, they love playtime, but because they’re small, they don’t need a lot of space. Playing fetch inside or having a gentle tug-of-war is perfect. Remember, they get tired easily, so they also need lots of naps.

    Think of it as their superpower recharge time! Brushing their coat keeps it smooth and looking nice. It’s like grooming a little unicorn, making sure its magic stays sparkly. Their wrinkles need a gentle wipe to keep them clean because that’s where they can hide dirt, just like little pockets. Lastly, visiting the vet is like taking them on an adventure to make sure their magic is strong. This means they get check-ups to ensure they’re as healthy as can be. Caring for a Blue Frenchie is a special job that makes you their hero, every day!

    Blue French Bulldog Health

    Taking care of a Blue French Bulldog’s health is like being a superhero for a little, magical creature. These pups are super special, but sometimes they can get certain ouchies or feel under the weather. Because of their cute, squished faces, they might snort or have a hard time breathing if they run too much or it gets really hot. Imagine having a tiny nose and trying to smell a big flower – it’s a bit like that for them. Also, their adorable wrinkles can hide dirt, which isn’t good, so we have to keep them clean by giving them gentle wipes.

    It’s very important to make sure they don’t get too hot in the summer. Think of them like ice cream; we don’t want them to melt! So, we keep them cool and comfy. And just like how we eat healthy foods to grow strong, Blue Frenchie’s needs yummy, healthy treats that are just right for them. Going to the vet is like visiting a wizard who checks to make sure their magic (health) is at its best! Remember, being their health superhero means lots of love, care, and making sure they’re happy and healthy every day.

    Blue French Bulldog Living Needs

    • Blue French Bulldogs need a cozy bed where they can dream of fun adventures.
    • They love to be near their family, so a spot in the living room is perfect for them.
    • Keep your home cool, especially in summer, because they can get too hot quickly.
    • They need short walks every day. Imagine a mini-adventure around the block!
    • Playtime inside is important. They love games that make them think, like hide and seek with toys.
    • Clean water should always be there for them to drink whenever they’re thirsty.
    • They enjoy quiet and calm places. Too much noise can make them nervous.
    • Love and cuddles are a must! They feel happiest when they’re with their favorite humans.

    Blue French Bulldog Habits

    • Blue French Bulldogs love snuggle time. Imagine a cozy blanket fort where they’re the king or queen.
    • They enjoy short, happy walks. Picture a mini adventure in your neighborhood or park.
    • Nap time is a big deal. They snooze like tiny, snoring teddy bears.
    • Playing with toys keeps them busy. Think of them as little detectives solving the mystery of the squeaky toy.
    • They like to follow their humans everywhere. You’re their favorite person in the whole wide world!
    • Sometimes, they can be a little stubborn, like when they don’t want to get out of bed. But it’s all in cute fun.
    • They’re not big barkers, but they’ll let you know if they see something interesting. Like a squirrel outside the window!
    • Belly rubs and head scratches are their favorite. It’s like getting a gold star for being the best buddy.
    • They love mealtime and will do a happy dance when it’s food time. Imagine a tiny dancer spinning around.
    • Blue Frenchies are great at making friends, with people and other pets too. They’re like the friendly kid in the playground.

    Food and Feeding

    Feeding your Blue French Bulldog is like being a chef for a tiny, royal guest! You need to make sure they get yummy and healthy food to eat. Just like you enjoy different flavors, they do too. But, their food has to be just right for them. Think of giving them tiny bites of treasure that help them stay playful and their coat shiny. They eat special dog food made for small, mighty friends. It’s packed with good stuff that makes them strong.

    Imagine a tiny superhero; that’s what your Blue Frenchie becomes with the right food. Sometimes, they can have treats, but not too many! Treats are like candies for dogs, so they’re for special times only. Also, they always need a bowl of clean water to sip whenever they’re thirsty. It’s like their own little pond of fresh water to drink after running around or during a break from playing. Remember, feeding them right is how you keep your little blue buddy happy and ready for adventures!


    Q- Can my Blue Frenchie learn tricks?

    A- Yes! They’re super smart and love to learn new games and tricks with you.

    Q- Do they need a lot of exercise?

    A- They like short walks and playtime, but too much running can make them tired.

    Q- Are Blue French Bulldogs good with kids?

    A- Absolutely! They love being part of a family and are very friendly.

    Q- Can they live in hot places?

    A- They can get too hot quickly, so it’s better if your home is cool and comfy.

    Q- What kind of food should I give them?

    A- Yummy and healthy dog food that’s just right for small dogs to keep them happy.

    Q- Do they bark a lot?

    A- No, they’re pretty quiet, but they’ll let you know when they see something interesting.

    Q- Can they have baths?

    A- Yes, but make sure to dry their wrinkles so they stay clean and comfy.


    In our magical journey, we’ve learned a lot about the special Blue French Bulldog, a tiny friend with a heart as big as its smile. These cuddly buddies love to play, snuggle, and make us happy every day. They’re like little superheroes in blue coats, ready for adventures in parks or cozy times at home. Remember, taking care of them is a big, fun job – they count on us for love, games, and yummy food. If you dream of a furry friend who’s a bit magical, the Blue Frenchie might just be the perfect pal for your adventures!

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