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    Blue Merle Australian Shepherd: Info, Food, History, Care 2024

    The Blue Merle Australian Shepherd is a unique and fascinating dog breed that has captured the hearts of many pet owners. This energetic and intelligent dog has a beautiful coat and a hard-working nature. They were originally bred in America to herd livestock, but they have now become popular as family pets. They are great with kids and make for excellent working dogs, whether in the police force or obedience competitions. However, they do have some quirks that require special care, such as their need for daily exercise and space to run freely.

    What is a blue merle Australian shepherd?

    The Blue Merle Australian Shepherd is a special kind of dog that looks like no other! Imagine a furry friend with a coat that has swirls of gray, blue, black, and white, almost like a beautiful cloudy sky. That’s what “Blue Merle” means – it’s all about their cool coat color. These dogs are not from Australia, even though their name might make you think so. They come from America! They are super smart, which means they can learn lots of tricks and listen well. Plus, they have a lot of energy! They love to run around, play games, and have fun, especially if they can do it with their human family. Think of them as your playful buddy who is always ready for an adventure. Isn’t that amazing?


    Once upon a time, there was no such thing as a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. So, how did they come to be? Well, it’s a story that begins in America, not Australia as many people think! Long ago, people brought dogs from Europe to America to help them with farm work, like herding sheep and cows. These dogs were super smart and good at their jobs. As time went by, these dogs met other dogs and had puppies.

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    Some of these puppies had special coats with swirls of blue, gray, black, and white – and that’s how the Blue Merle Australian Shepherd was born! People saw how smart and good at working they were, so they started breeding more of them. Even though they’re called “Australian” Shepherds, they’re an American creation. They got the “Australian” part because some of the dogs that helped create them came from Australia. So, the Blue Merle Australian Shepherd is a bit like a superhero, with a cool origin story that shows how they became the amazing, energetic, and beautiful dogs we love today!


    Imagine a dog that looks like a walking piece of art! The Blue Merle Australian Shepherd has a magical coat that’s swirly with blues, grays, blacks, and whites – just like a stormy sky! They have bright, sparkly eyes that can be blue, brown or even one of each. Their ears are floppy, and they always look ready for a fun game. They’re not too big, but not too small, making them the perfect size for big hugs and playing in the yard. Their fluffy tail wags like a little flag when they’re happy, which is almost all the time!

    Age, Weight & Size

    When we talk about how big a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd can get, think about your bicycle. These dogs are not too big and not too small, just the right size like your bike! They can grow to be about as tall as the kitchen table, but not too much. That’s usually around 18 to 23 inches tall if you measure them from their paws to their shoulders. Imagine stacking about 3 or 4 of your school books on top of each other – that’s how tall! Now, about how much they weigh – it’s like carrying a big backpack full of your favorite books and toys.

    Height:18–23 inches
    Weight:40–65 pounds
    Lifespan:12–15 years
    Colors:Black, blue merle, red, and red merle
    Suitable for:Families with larger children, homes without small pets, and homes with plenty of space
    Temperament:High energy, extremely loving, and very intelligent

    These furry friends can weigh between 40 to 65 pounds, which means they’re not too heavy for a big hug! And did you know? They grow up from being tiny puppies to full-grown dogs in just about a year! That’s quick, isn’t it? Watching them grow is like watching your favorite plant sprout and bloom in fast-forward. So, Blue Merle Australian Shepherds are not only beautiful and smart, but they’re also just the perfect size for fun adventures and cozy cuddles!

    Cost and Price of Blue Merle Australian Shepherd

    Getting a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd is like buying a very special toy, but this one is alive and will be your best friend! The price tag for one of these furry buddies can be a bit like guessing how many jellybeans are in a jar. Some might cost as much as 600 jellybeans (dollars), but others could be as much as 1,200 jellybeans or even more! Why such a big difference? Well, it depends on where they come from.

    If they have parents who are like superstars at dog shows, they might cost more. Think of it like getting a toy from your favorite movie; those can be a bit pricier, right? But, saving up your allowance for this doggy might take a while, so it’s important to know they’re more than just cute. They need toys, yummy food, visits to the vet for check-ups, and even training classes to learn cool tricks. All these things add more jellybeans to the jar. So, having a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd is awesome, but we need to make sure we can give them everything they need to be super happy and healthy!


    Imagine having a super smart and playful friend who loves to spend time with you, doing all sorts of fun activities. That’s exactly what it’s like to have a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd! These dogs are not only beautiful to look at, but they’re also filled with energy and love to play, especially with kids. They’re like your shadow, always wanting to be by your side, whether you’re running around in the yard or just chilling at home. But that’s not all – these pups are also very clever.

    They can learn tricks super fast, almost like magic! If you teach them something new, they’ll remember it and will want to show off to everyone how smart they are. They’re also very loving and will protect their family, making sure everyone is safe and happy. So, if you’re looking for a buddy who is playful, smart, and caring, the Blue Merle Australian Shepherd could be your perfect match! Just remember, they love to stay busy and enjoy being a big part of the family fun.


    Taking care of a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd is like taking care of a super-active friend who loves to play and learn. Think of them as a buddy who needs lots of fun activities and cuddles. They like to run around in a big yard, so playing fetch or teaching them new tricks is a great way to keep them happy. Just like you enjoy playing in the park! Remember, these furry friends need to be brushed regularly to keep their beautiful coats looking nice and to avoid tangles.

    Imagine brushing the hair of a big, fluffy toy – it’s kind of like that, but even more fun! And just like you need to visit the doctor, your Blue Merle Aussie needs to see the vet for check-ups to make sure they’re healthy and strong. They also love learning new things, so training sessions are like their school, where they get smarter every day. So, taking care of them means playing, learning together, brushing their hair, and making sure they’re healthy. It’s a bit like having a very fluffy, very active, and super smart little sibling!

    Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Health

    Just like when you feel icky and need to see the doctor, Blue Merle Australian Shepherds sometimes get ouchies and need to visit their doggy doctor too! They’re strong pups but can get certain boo-boos that are common for them. For example, sometimes their eyes can get a bit wonky, so they need to have them checked to keep seeing their wonderful world. Also, their big, floppy ears might catch yucky stuff that could make them feel bad, so keeping their ears clean is like being a superhero against germs!

    Sometimes, they might run too fast and hurt their legs because they’re super active. Imagine if you jumped around all day; your legs would be sore too, right? That’s why they need to have check-ups, like your yearly visit to the pediatrician. These check-ups help make sure they can keep playing and running without any owies stopping them. Plus, feeding them the right food is like eating your veggies – it keeps them strong and healthy! Taking care of them is a big job, but it’s also a lot of fun because it means you get to help your furry friend stay happy and active.

    Food and Feeding

    Feeding your Blue Merle Australian Shepherd the right food is super important to keep them healthy and happy. These dogs are very active, so they need yummy and nutritious meals to give them lots of energy. Imagine eating the best snacks that make you strong and ready to play – that’s what we want for our furry friends! You should feed them food that’s made just for active dogs. Look for bags that say “high energy” or “active” on them. These foods have extra goodies that help your dog run, jump, and play all day.

    Puppies eat more often – about three times a day. But once they grow up, they usually eat twice a day. It’s like having breakfast and dinner. Remember, it’s not good to feed them human food, especially sweets or anything too salty. They have their special treats! And water, oh boy! They need lots of fresh water every day, just like you need water to stay hydrated and cool. Make sure their water bowl is always full and clean, so they can drink whenever they’re thirsty. In short, picking the right food and giving them plenty of water will make your Blue Merle Australian Shepherd super happy and ready for adventure!

    Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Living Needs

    • Blue Merle Aussies need a lot of room to zoom around. A big backyard is perfect for them to play and run in circles!
    • They love toys that keep their minds busy and their bodies moving. Think of puzzles that hide treats or bouncy balls!
    • Every day, they need to go on adventures outside, like a walk in the park or a little run with you.
    • These smart pups love learning new tricks. Spending time teaching them fun games makes them super happy.
    • They enjoy being around their family and even other friendly pets. It’s like having playdates but at home!
    • Even active dogs need a cozy place to rest. A comfy bed in a quiet corner is perfect for nap time.
    • Most importantly, they need lots of love and cuddles from you. It’s like getting a big hug from your best friend!

    Habits of Blue Merle Australian Shepherd

    • Blue Merle Australian Shepherds love to play! They enjoy games like fetch and tug-of-war.
    • These dogs need to run and explore every day. A big yard or park trip is perfect for them.
    • They are super smart! Training them to do tricks or obey commands can be a fun game.
    • These dogs like having a job to do. They feel happy when they help around the house or yard.
    • Cuddling is one of their favorite things. After a day of play, they love to relax with their family.
    • They get along well with other pets, but sometimes they try to herd them like sheep!
    • They don’t like being alone for a long time. They are happiest when around their family or other dogs.
    • Remember, they need to learn new things often to stay happy. Puzzle toys are great for this.


    Q- Can they live in small houses?

    A- Yes, but they love having lots of room to run and play. A big yard is best!

    Q- Do they like other dogs?

    A- Sure do! They like making friends but sometimes try to be the boss.

    Q- Are they good with kids?

    A- Yep, they’re great! They love to play and protect their human brothers and sisters.

    Q- What colors are their eyes?

    A- They can have cool eyes! Some have blue eyes, some have brown, and some have one of each!

    Q- Do they need baths a lot?

    A- Not too much. Only when they get really dirty. They keep themselves pretty clean.

    Q- How long do they live?

    A- They can be your buddy for about 12 to 15 years if you take good care of them.

    Q- Can they learn tricks?

    A- Yes, they’re super smart! They love learning new things, especially if you make it fun.


    Alrighty, we’ve learned a whole bunch about the blue merle Australian Shepherd, haven’t we? These furry friends are super playful, love to learn, and are great with families. They need good food, lots of playtime, and plenty of love. If you have a big yard and time for cuddles and adventures, this might be the perfect doggy for you! Remember, they’re happiest when they’re busy and with their favorite humans. So, if you’re ready for fun and have a lot of love to give, a blue merle Australian Shepherd could be your new best friend. Let the adventures begin!

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