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    Wire Haired Dachshund: Info, Appearance, History, Care 2024

    Do you love dogs? Have you ever heard of the wire-haired dachshund? It is a special type of dog that is loved by many people. These cute and intelligent dogs are known for their unique appearance and their ability to adapt to any lifestyle. Originally bred to hunt badgers, the wire-haired dachshund is now a loyal and brave companion to many. In this blog post, we will learn all about these furry friends, including their temperament, appearance, history, and how to take care of them.

    What is a Wire Haired Dachshund?

    Imagine a small dog with a big heart and a coat that looks like it just woke up from a wild nap—that’s the wire haired dachshund for you! These dogs are like little superheroes in fur coats, always ready for an adventure. They have short legs, long bodies, and a coat that’s rough and wiry. This special coat helps them stay protected when they’re out doing brave things, like when they used to hunt badgers a long time ago.

    Wire haired dachshunds come in different colors, and they have these super cute beards and eyebrows that make them look wise and a little bit cheeky. They’re smart cookies too, learning tricks and commands to impress their friends and families. With their playful spirit and loving nature, wire haired dachshunds make great buddies for games during the day and cuddles at night. They might be small, but their personalities are as big as any giant dog’s! Just remember, they love to dig and chase, so get ready for some fun times outdoors with these little adventurers.


    Long, long ago, in a place far away called Germany, there were these small, brave dogs known as wire-haired dachshunds. They were like little heroes of the dog world! These dogs had a very important job back in the olden days. They used to hunt badgers. Badgers are tough animals that live in the ground, and not many dogs could deal with them, but wire haired dachshunds were amazing at it! They had strong, short legs that helped them dig into the ground and go into badger homes to chase them away.

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    People loved these dogs because they were so brave and good at their job. Over time, folks started loving them for more than just hunting. They loved them for being great friends and part of the family. Even though wire haired dachshunds don’t hunt badgers much anymore, they still have that brave and adventurous spirit. And that’s how these cute dogs with wiry coats and big hearts became popular all around the world, including in places like the United States!


    The wire haired dachshund is like a little treasure chest of cuteness. Imagine a doggy with short, stubby legs and a long body, like a hot dog! Their coat is super special; it’s rough and scruffy, making them look like adorable, tiny adventurers. They come in many colors, so it’s like they have different outfits for every day. Their beards and eyebrows are bushy, making them look wise, but also a bit silly. When you see them, you might want to give them a big hug because they’re just so cuddly-looking!

    Age, Weight & Size of Wire Haired Dachshund

    The wire haired dachshund is a tiny, mighty dog that comes in a size just perfect for hugs and lap cuddles. When these little furballs grow up, they’re not very tall, staying close to the ground because of their short, cute legs. They grow to be about 8 to 9 inches tall at their shoulders, which is not much taller than a big ruler! Talking about how much they weigh, these dogs are like little bundles of joy that you can easily scoop up in your arms.

    They usually weigh between 16 to 32 pounds, which is as heavy as a few big books you might carry in your backpack. Did you know these dogs can live a long time? With lots of love and care, a wire haired dachshund can be your buddy for 12 to 16 years! That means they can be with you from when you’re really little until you’re almost grown up. So, imagine having a furry friend to share so many of your adventures and secrets with as you both grow.

    Cost and Price of Wire Haired Dachshund

    If you’ve ever saved up your allowance for something special, then you know how important it is to know how much things cost. Getting a wire haired dachshund, a dog with a wiry coat and big spirit, is kind of like buying a new toy, but way cooler! So, how much do you think a wire haired dachshund puppy might cost? Well, it’s not just a few dollars from your piggy bank. These special dogs can cost anywhere from $500 to even $3,000! That’s a lot of allowance money, right? The price can change based on where the puppy comes from and how special their doggy family tree is.

    Some wire haired dachshunds have parents who won awards, and puppies from them can cost more. Remember, buying the puppy is just the start. They need toys, yummy food, a comfy bed, and visits to the vet to keep them happy and healthy. It’s kind of like having a new friend who you need to take care of and make sure they have everything they need. So, before you decide to get one of these adorable dogs, it’s a good idea to think about all the things they’ll need and how much it will all cost.


    The wire-haired dachshund is like a little bundle of joy with a big personality! Imagine having a friend who is always ready to play and explore with you. That’s what these dogs are like. They love to be around people, especially their family, and they’re very friendly. Even though they’re small, they’re very brave and sometimes forget how tiny they are! These furry pals are also super smart. They like learning new games and tricks, which makes playing with them so much fun.

    But remember, because they’re so smart, they sometimes try to be the boss. It’s important to teach them nice manners, so they know how to be a good friend. They enjoy being with you, whether you’re running outside or snuggling up on the couch. If you’re feeling sad, they can tell and will try to cheer you up with their silly faces and wagging tails. Wire-haired dachshunds are like sunshine on a cloudy day, always making everything better with their love and happy vibes.


    Taking care of a wire-haired dachshund is fun, but it’s also a big job! Think of it like having a little brother or sister who’s covered in fur. First, you need to brush their special coat a couple of times a week. This keeps them looking neat and stops their hair from getting tangled. It’s like combing your hair, but you’re helping your doggy friend! Next, these little pups need exercise to stay happy and healthy. Imagine you’re a superhero training for your next adventure. You and your wire-haired dachshund can run, play, and explore together.

    Just remember, they have short legs, so they don’t need to run marathons. Short, fun walks and playtime in the yard are perfect for them. Also, it’s important to check their ears regularly and keep their nails trimmed. Think of it as giving your dog a little spa day at home! Lastly, they love learning new things, so teaching them tricks is a great way to care for them. It’s like going to school, but your classroom is your backyard, and your student is your playful pup. Remember, caring for your wire-haired dachshund is all about love, playtime, and a little bit of grooming.

    Wire Haired Dachshund Health

    Wire-haired dachshunds are like little superheroes, but even superheroes need to visit the doctor sometimes! These dogs are mostly healthy, but they have to watch out for a few things because of their long bodies and short legs. They need to keep their backs strong by not jumping too much or climbing stairs all the time. It’s like making sure you don’t hurt your knees when you play.

    Sometimes, they can get ear infections because their ears are floppy and can trap dirt. It’s kind of like when you get a boo-boo, and you have to clean it to make it better. Also, they need to eat the right amount of food to stay fit, just like you need to eat your fruits and veggies. Going to the vet for check-ups is super important. It’s like when you visit the doctor for your yearly check-up to make sure you’re growing healthy and strong. Keeping them happy and healthy means more playtime and adventures together!

    Food and Feeding

    Feeding your wire haired dachshund is like being a superhero chef for a tiny, furry friend. Imagine if you had a little friend who loved tasty treats just as much as you do. Well, these dogs love their meals! But, just like you can’t eat candy all the time, they can’t just eat anything. They need special doggy food that keeps them healthy and happy. Think of their food as a magic potion that helps them run fast, play hard, and stay smiling. They need to eat two times a day, just like you have breakfast and dinner.

    The amount of food they need depends on how big they are and how much they play. It’s kind of like how you eat more when you’ve been running around outside all day. Sometimes, they can have treats, but it’s important not to give them too much. It’s like how too many cookies can give you a tummy ache, too many treats aren’t good for them. Always make sure they have clean, fresh water to drink, just like you need water to stay hydrated and cool. Remember, feeding them right is like giving them a superpower to be the best, happiest dog they can be!

    Living Needs of Wire Haired Dachshund

    • Wire-haired dachshunds need a cozy spot to sleep, like a soft doggy bed or a warm blanket in a quiet corner.
    • They love having toys to play with – think balls, squeaky toys, and things they can chase.
    • These dogs do great in houses or apartments, as long as they get to go outside and explore sometimes.
    • A safe, fenced yard is awesome for them to run and dig, but always watch them so they don’t escape on an adventure!
    • They like being with their family, so having time to play and cuddle every day is super important.
    • Remember to keep your house safe for them, like making sure there’s nothing they can chew on that they shouldn’t.
    • Dachshunds can get chilly, so in cold weather, they might need a little sweater for their outdoor trips.

    Wire Haired Dachshund Habits

    • Wire-haired dachshunds love to sniff and explore, just like detectives on a fun mystery case!
    • They enjoy digging holes. Imagine them as little treasure hunters looking for hidden gold in your backyard.
    • Nap time is a big deal. They snuggle into cozy spots for a snooze like fluffy little bears.
    • Playing fetch is a favorite game. Toss a ball and watch them zoom to catch it – super speedy!
    • They’re curious about everything. If something’s new in the house, they’ll be the first to check it out.
    • Chase is a fun game for them. They might run after squirrels or leaves blowing in the wind.
    • Barking at noises. They might woof at mailmen or squirrels to protect their home, thinking they’re big, brave guards.
    • They love learning tricks for treats. Teaching them to shake paws or rollover can be a fun party trick.
    • Cuddling with their humans is the best part of their day. They’re like little love bugs wanting hugs.


    Q- Can my wire-haired dachshund learn tricks?

    A- Yes! They love learning new games and tricks because they’re really smart.

    Q- Do they need a lot of exercise?

    A- They don’t need to run marathons, but they love short, fun walks and playtime.

    Q- What do they eat?

    A- They eat special doggy food twice a day, and sometimes they can have treats.

    Q- Can they live in small places?

    A- Yes, they’re happy in both houses and apartments if they get to go outside sometimes.

    Q- Do they like to play?

    A- They love to play, especially games like fetch and chasing after things.

    Q- Will they be my friend for a long time?

    A- With love and care, they can be your buddy for 12 to 16 years!

    Q- Do they need a special bed?

    A- A cozy doggy bed or a warm blanket in a quiet spot is perfect for them.


    In the end, wire haired dachshunds are like little furry heroes with big hearts and lots of love to give. They’re super smart, and playful, and they make great friends who stick by your side, making every day an adventure. Taking care of them is a big, but fun job, and they give back so much joy and cuddles. Whether you’re playing outside or chilling at home, they’re happy as long as they’re with you. If you think a wire haired dachshund is the right pup for you, get ready for lots of fun, love, and little paw prints all over your heart!

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