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Andrew Shingange: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio 2024.

Andrew Shingange Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio 2024

Andrew Shingange is the older brother of the famous comedian and TV host Trevor Noah. Born in South Africa in 1984, Andrew has always been a supportive and influential figure in Trevor’s life. While not as well-known as his brother, Andrew has made a name for himself as a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He is also a loving husband and father to three children. In this blog post, we will delve into Andrew’s age, career, family life, net worth, and height, providing a brief biography of this lesser-known but equally talented member of the Shingange family.

Who Is Andrew Shingange?

Andrew Shingange is a particular person because he is the big brother of someone very famous, Trevor Noah, who makes a lot of people laugh on TV. Imagine having a brother who could always make you giggle! Andrew was born in a place called South Africa, a country far away with beautiful landscapes and lots of sunshine, in the year 1984. That might sound like a long time ago, but it isn’t! Being the older brother, Andrew was always there for Trevor, sharing adventures and probably some secrets too, just like you might with your siblings or friends.

Unlike Trevor, Andrew doesn’t appear on TV, but he’s super good at business, which means he knows how to make companies grow and succeed. He’s like a superhero for businesses! Andrew also has a big heart, filled with love for his wife and three children. They are a happy family that cares for each other a lot. Just like in any family, they have fun times, share stories, and probably play games together. So, even though Andrew isn’t telling jokes on TV, he’s living an exciting life filled with love, adventures, and success.


First and last nameAndrew Shingange
First nameAndrew
Last name, last nameShingange
OccupationFamous siblings
city ​​of birthJohannesburg
native countrySouth Africa
Father’s nameRobert Noah
Name of the motherPatricia Nombuyiselo
Gender identityMale
Sexual orientationRight
SiblingsTrevor Noah and Isaac Shingange
Net value40 million dollars

Early Life and Education

Andrew Shingange grew up in a place called South Africa, which is very far away if you’ve never been there. It’s a land with lots of animals and beautiful mountains. Imagine playing hide and seek where the elephants live! When Andrew was a little boy, just like you, he went to school every day. He learned how to read, write, and do math, which are all essential things that help us understand the world around us. The school was also where Andrew made his first friends, just like how you might have met your best friend. Andrew liked learning new things and playing sports with his classmates.

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Maybe he played soccer or ran races; what do you think? Andrew was a big brother to Trevor, which means he probably had to look out for him, like how you look out for your friends or siblings. Being a big brother is a big job, but Andrew did it with a smile. Even though we don’t know which subjects were his favorite, we can guess he liked adventures, just like the ones he would later share with Trevor. Isn’t it cool to think about all the things Andrew learned when he was just about your age?

Parents and Siblings

Andrew Shingange has a family story that’s both interesting and special, kind of like a storybook tale but real. He shares his family with his younger brother, Trevor Noah, who you might know because he’s super funny and tells jokes on TV. They also have another brother named Isaac Shingange, who is part of their adventurous trio. Just like in your family, each brother has a unique story and memorable moments they share. Their mom is a strong and brave woman named Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah.

She played a significant role in making sure Andrew, Trevor, and Isaac grew up knowing right from wrong and how to be kind to others. She’s like a superhero mom because she faced many challenges but always made sure her sons had love and laughter in their lives. They don’t talk much about their dad in the stories we hear, but we know that their mom’s strength and love helped shape them into the men they are today. Imagine having a family where, every day, you learn something new, share lots of hugs, and have endless adventures—that’s what Andrew’s family is like!

Wife and Girlfriend

Andrew Shingange has a heart full of love, not just for his adventures and business but also for his family. He has a wife, who is like his best friend and partner in all the fun and not-so-fun times. Together, they are a team, looking after their three children and making their house a home filled with laughter, stories, and lots of love. 

Imagine having someone who is always there to cheer you on, share secret handshakes, and even help you bake a cake for a surprise party. That’s what Andrew and his wife do together. They share life’s big adventures and the quiet moments, too. It’s like when you have a sleepover with your best friend, and you get to stay up late, talking and laughing. Andrew’s wife is his best friend for all the big and little moments in life, and together, they make every day special for their family.

In Andrew Shingange’s adventure of life, there’s a part where he becomes not just a brother or a businessman but also a husband. Imagine if you had a best friend who promised to be your partner in every game, share your snacks, and always be there to tell you stories at night. That’s what being a husband is like, but for grown-ups! Andrew found someone special who said, “I’ll be your best friend forever,” and they decided to share life’s big adventure. This particular person is like a superhero teammate for Andrew. They have fun making dinner, maybe dancing in the living room, and planning new adventures with their kids. It’s like having a permanent teammate in the game of life.

 Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Andrew Shingange was born in the sunny land of South Africa in the year 1984. If you count all the years from then to now, you’ll find out he’s around 40 years old! Imagine all the birthday cakes and candles he’s seen! We don’t know exactly how much he weighs or how tall he is, but just like in your favourite fairy tales, every hero comes in different sizes. 

Andrew is just the right height to give the best hugs to his family and has a smile that lights up the room. Picture someone strong enough to lift you and spin you around in a joyful dance – that might just be like Andrew! He probably has a laugh that makes everyone around him start giggling, too, just like when you share a funny joke with your friends. Andrew’s appearance is unique, just like every person’s is. It’s like wearing your very own superhero costume every day, showing the world who you are with pride.

Andrew Shingange Career

Andrew Shingange is good at business, which is like playing a game where you try to make your company grow big and strong. Just like building a tall tower with blocks, Andrew knows how to put the pieces together to make businesses successful. He’s not a TV star like his brother Trevor, but he’s a star in the business world. Imagine being super good at playing a game that helps people and makes them happy—that’s what Andrew does. He uses his brain and heart to make the best choices in his business adventures.

Social Media Presence

Andrew Shingange likes to keep his adventures a bit secret, which means he’s not always sharing on places like Instagram or Twitter, where you might look at photos or stories. Unlike his brother Trevor, who talks to lots of people online, Andrew prefers to keep his family fun and business wins more private. It’s like when you have a secret clubhouse or a special diary that only you and your best friends know about. Even though we might not see him posting lots of pictures or stories. Andrew is busy making happy memories with his family and helping his businesses grow, kind of like a behind-the-scenes superhero!

Net Worth and Achievement

Andrew Shingange has a treasure chest, but instead of gold and jewels, it’s filled with something called ‘net worth.’ Imagine a pirate’s chest but for adults! Net worth means all the money and things he has earned from being super smart in business. People are curious about how big his treasure chest is, but it’s a bit of a secret. Think of it like when you save up your allowance for something special; that’s what Andrew has done but in a really big way!

Andrew’s biggest achievement isn’t something you can put in a treasure chest, though. It’s the happy family he’s built and the success he’s had in helping businesses grow. It’s like when you finish a big puzzle or win a game by working together with your friends. That feeling of “Yay, we did it!” is Andrew’s achievement. And just like when you help your friends, Andrew’s achievements make the people around him happy and proud, especially his brother Trevor and their family.

Andrew Shingange Hobbies

  • Andrew loves to spend time playing games and having fun adventures with his three children. They might build forts, play hide and seek, or invent new games together!
  • Imagine being a chef in your kitchen, making yummy meals. That’s something Andrew enjoys doing. He likes to try new recipes and make delicious food for his wife and kids.
  • Just like when you sit down with a good story, Andrew loves to read. Books take him on adventures without ever leaving his house!
  • Whether it’s kicking a soccer ball in the backyard or playing catch, Andrew likes to stay active and have fun with sports. It’s like gym class but even better because it’s time he wants.
  • Imagine planting a tiny seed and watching it grow into a beautiful flower or yummy vegetable. Andrew finds joy in gardening, taking care of plants, and seeing them bloom and grow.
  • Sometimes, the best thing to do is put on your favorite tunes and dance around the living room. Andrew loves to share this fun time with his family, making everyone laugh and smile.

Interesting Facts About Andrew Shingange

  • Andrew’s birthday is a big celebration every year, just like yours! He blows out candles and makes wishes.
  • He grew up in South Africa, a place with lions, elephants, and beautiful mountains. It’s like a real-life adventure land!
  • Andrew is a superhero in business, which means he’s good at making companies strong and successful.
  • He has a younger brother, Trevor, who tells jokes on TV. Imagine having a brother who could make you laugh all the time!
  • Andrew loves playing games with his kids, just like you might enjoy playing with your friends or family.
  • Cooking yummy food for his family is something Andrew enjoys. It’s like being a chef in your own home.
  • He doesn’t post a lot of pictures on the internet, keeping his family fun and adventures private. Like a secret treasure map only he knows.

Andrew’s smile and laugh can light up a room, making everyone around him happy, just like when you share a funny joke.


Q- What does Andrew Shingange do for fun?

A- Andrew loves playing games with his kids, making tasty food in the kitchen, reading exciting stories, playing sports, taking care of plants in the garden, and dancing to fun music!

Q- Who are Andrew’s brothers?

A- Andrew has two brothers. Trevor Noah is one, who tells funny jokes on TV, and Isaac Shingange is his other brother.

Q- How does Andrew help businesses?

A- He’s like a superhero for companies, using his smart brain to make them grow big and strong.

Q- Is Andrew on TV like his brother Trevor?

A- No, Andrew isn’t on TV. He prefers to be a star in the business world instead.

Q- Does Andrew share lots of photos online?

A- Not really, Andrew likes to keep his family adventures kind of secret, away from the internet.

Q- What’s something special about Andrew’s family?

A- He has a big, loving family with a wife and three children. They all enjoy having fun and making each other laugh a lot.


Andrew Shingange is a real-life superhero, not because he wears a cape, but because he’s amazing at business, loves his big, happy family, and keeps adventures mostly a secret. He shows us that being a good person, helping others, and loving your family are super cool things to do. Just like in a book filled with adventures, Andrew’s life is full of exciting stories, with love, laughter, and lots of fun times.

Remember, being kind and smart makes you a superhero too, just like Andrew! Andrew Shingange is a cool big brother and a superhero in business. He was born in 1984, which makes him quite grown-up but still fun! Andrew has a big, happy family with a wife and three kids. He loves playing games, cooking, reading, gardening, and dancing. Andrew’s not on TV like Trevor, but he’s still a star in his way. He keeps family adventures secret, not sharing much online. His biggest treasure is his family and the success he helps businesses achieve. Andrew’s smile and laugh make everyone around him super happy. Playing with his kids is one of his favorite things to do. He helps companies grow big and strong, like a magic gardener for business. Even without a TV show, Andrew’s life is full of adventures and love.



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