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Fiona Eve Facinelli: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio 2024.

Fiona Eve Facinelli

Fiona Eve Facinelli may only be 17 years old, but she comes from a family of famous actors and actresses. Born on September 30th, 2006, she is the youngest daughter of Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth. While her parents are known for their successful careers in movies and TV shows, Fiona prefers to stay out of the spotlight and keep things private. Despite her young age, she has already garnered a lot of attention and curiosity from the public, leading many to wonder about her age, career, family, net worth, and height.

Who is Fiona Eve Facinelli?

Fiona Eve Facinelli is a young girl with a big family of stars. Her mom and dad, Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli, are both actors. Fiona was born on September 30, 2006, making her a bright and curious girl who is learning and growing every day. Unlike her parents who are often seen on TV or in movies, Fiona likes to keep her life more private, which means she doesn’t show up in the spotlight much. Even though she’s young, people are very interested in Fiona because of her famous family. However, Fiona enjoys her life away from cameras and prefers doing things that normal kids do, like playing, learning, and spending time with her family. She has an interesting life with lots of stories to tell, but for now, she’s just enjoying being a kid.


Birthday30 September, 2006
Hair ColorBlonde
Zodiac SignLibra
Claim to FameDaughter of actress Jennie Garth and actor Peter Facinelli.

Early Life and Education

Fiona Eve Facinelli has a very interesting start to her life because she was born into a family where both her mom and dad are famous actors. Imagine having a mom and dad who are movie stars! She was born on a cool day, September 30th, 2006, which means every year, as the leaves start to change color, Fiona gets to celebrate her birthday.

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Since Fiona is still pretty young, she is spending a lot of her days learning new things just like other kids her age. Fiona goes to school where she learns to read, write, do math, and probably make a lot of friends. We don’t know which school Fiona goes to because she likes to keep her life private, but we can guess that she enjoys playing during recess, creating art, and learning about the world around her. School is an important part of Fiona’s life because it’s where she gets to be just like any other kid, exploring and learning without the spotlight on her.

Parents and Siblings

Fiona Eve Facinelli is very lucky because she has a mom and a dad who are both movie stars! Her mom is Jennie Garth, and her dad is Peter Facinelli. Imagine having parents who you can watch on TV! They must have so many cool stories to tell. Fiona also has sisters who share the same awesome family. Being the youngest, she might get lots of cuddles and maybe even a bit of spoiling from everyone in her family.

Fiona and her sisters probably play together, share secrets, and have loads of fun at home. It’s like having your best friends living with you! Her family sounds like a team, always there for each other, cheering and supporting through everything. Fiona’s life with her mom, dad, and siblings is full of love, adventures, and probably lots of laughter. Isn’t it cool to think about what kind of games they might play or the stories they share during dinner?

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Fiona Eve Facinelli is a growing girl, now 17 years old since she was born in 2006. Kids like Fiona grow a little bit every day, so it’s fun to guess how tall she might be now! Just like everyone else, Fiona changes as she gets older. Her hair might get longer or she might decide to cut it short. She could be as tall as her mom or dad, or maybe she’ll find her height somewhere in between. Fiona’s eyes sparkle with curiosity and her smile shows her kindness. We don’t know exactly how tall Fiona is or how much she weighs because those details are part of her private life. What’s most important is that Fiona is healthy, happy, and loved a lot by her family. Just like any other kid, Fiona enjoys playing and learning, and she’s growing up to be a wonderful person inside and out.

Husband and Boyfriend

Fiona Eve Facinelli is still very young, just a kid, so she doesn’t have a husband or a boyfriend. She is more focused on being a child, playing with her friends, learning new things in school, and spending time with her family. Fiona enjoys activities like drawing, playing outside, and maybe even pretending to be a princess or a superhero with her sisters. She has lots of time to think about grown-up things like dating much later on. For now, Fiona’s world is filled with fun, adventures, and lots of learning. Her days are busy with being a happy, playful, and curious child, exploring the world around her with innocence and wonder.

Fiona Eve Facinelli Career

Since Fiona Eve Facinelli is still very young, she hasn’t started a career like the grown-ups do. Her job right now is being a student, learning lots of new things at school, and having fun. Imagine getting to play and discover new games every day; that’s a bit like Fiona’s work! She enjoys exploring, creating, and dreaming about what she wants to be when she grows up. Who knows? Maybe one day she’ll decide to be an actress like her mom and dad, or maybe she’ll choose a completely different path. For now, her career is all about being a kid and enjoying every moment.

Social Media Presence of Fiona Eve Facinelli

Fiona Eve Facinelli likes to keep her life private, which means she’s not big on sharing everything online. Unlike some kids, you won’t find her posting lots of selfies or talking about her day on social media. Her family is famous, but Fiona enjoys doing regular kid stuff away from the internet’s big spotlight. So, if you’re looking for her on Instagram or Twitter, you might not find much. Fiona’s choice to stay private helps her enjoy her childhood with less noise from the online world, letting her play and learn in peace.

Fiona Eve Facinelli Net Worth and Achievement

Fiona Eve Facinelli might be very young, but she’s already done some cool things just by being herself! Since Fiona is still a kid, she doesn’t have a job like adults do, so we can’t talk about a net worth like we do for grown-ups. Net worth is how much money someone has, and since Fiona is just 17, she’s more focused on homework and playing than earning money. However, Fiona has achieved being a part of a loving family and having a life that’s a bit different because of her famous mom and dad.

She’s learning and growing every day, which is a big deal! Imagine all the stories she hears at home from her mom and dad about acting. Plus, Fiona gets to celebrate her birthday every year as the leaves change color, which is pretty special. So, while we don’t talk about money when it comes to Fiona, her biggest achievements are the things she learns and experiences every day with her family and friends. That’s worth a lot, and it’s something very cool about being Fiona Eve Facinelli.

Hobbies of Fiona Eve Facinelli

  • Fiona loves to spend time outdoors, whether she’s running around in the backyard or exploring a park.
  • She enjoys bringing her imagination to life on paper, using lots of colors.
  • Fiona finds adventures in stories, flipping through pages of fairy tales and children’s novels.
  • If she has a pet, you can bet Fiona loves spending time with them, playing fetch, or simply cuddling.
  • Fiona uses her creativity to pretend she’s a princess, astronaut, or superhero during playtime.
  • Constructing towers or creating her little world, she loves to build with blocks or LEGOs.
  • Fiona enjoys watching her favorite cartoons and animated movies, laughing, and learning along with the characters.

Fiona Eve Facinelli Interesting Facts

  • Fiona’s birthday is in the fall, a time when leaves turn beautiful colors.
  • Both her mom and dad are movie stars, which is pretty cool!
  • Fiona loves playing outside and using her imagination a lot.
  • She’s in school just like other kids, learning new things every day.
  • Unlike many, Fiona likes to keep her life away from the internet and cameras.
  • Fiona has sisters, and they have lots of fun playing and hanging out together.
  • Drawing and coloring are some of Fiona’s favorite ways to show her creativity.
  • If Fiona has a pet, she enjoys spending time and playing with them.
  • Sometimes, Fiona pretends to be a superhero or a princess during playtime.


Q- How old is Fiona Eve Facinelli?

A- She’s 17 years old since she was born on September 30, 2006.

Q- Who are Fiona’s parents?

A- Her mom is Jennie Garth, and her dad is Peter Facinelli, both are actors.

Q- Does Fiona have any brothers or sisters?

A- Yes, Fiona has sisters. They love to play and spend time together.

Q- What does Fiona like to do for fun?

A- Fiona enjoys playing outside, drawing, reading books, and watching cartoons.

Q- Is Fiona on social media?

A- No, Fiona likes to keep her life private and doesn’t share much online.

Q- Does Fiona act in movies like her parents?

A- No, Fiona is still a student and focuses on school and being a kid.

Q- What’s something special about Fiona?

A- She loves her birthday in the fall and enjoys being creative with her imagination.


Fiona Eve Facinelli is really special, just like a star in the sky. She has a big, loving family and enjoys lots of fun activities. Even though she’s not on TV like her mom and dad, Fiona is living a great life full of adventure and learning. She reminds us that being young is all about having fun, being curious, and spending time with family. Fiona’s story teaches us that every kid has their unique sparkle, just like her. So, let’s keep being curious, creative, and loving, just like Fiona.



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