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    Joanna Shimkus: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

    Joanna Shimkus is a Canadian actress and producer who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Born on October 30, 1943, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, she has had a successful career spanning several decades. Known for her roles in films such as The Virgin and the Gypsy and Zita, Shimkus has captured the hearts of audiences with her talent and charm. She was married to the legendary actor Sidney Poitier and together they raised a family.

    Who is Joanna Shimkus?

    Joanna Shimkus is a lady who became famous by acting in movies. Imagine you’re playing pretend, but on a big screen where many people can see you – that’s what Joanna did. She was born in a place called Halifax in Canada, which is far up north! Joanna decided when she was younger that she wanted to be in movies, so she worked hard and became an actress.

    She acted in some stories that were turned into movies, like “The Virgin and the Gypsy” and “Zita“. These movies are like long tales that people watch and enjoy because of the interesting stories and the people acting in them. Joanna also became a producer, which means she helped make movies happen, kind of like when you organize a play and decide who will be the knights and who will be the dragons. Plus, she was married to Sidney Poitier, a very famous actor, making them a powerful couple in the world of movies. Joanna’s life is like a big adventure story, filled with acting, making movies, and spending time with her family.


    First NameJoanna
    Maiden NameShimkus
    Full Name at BirthJoanna Shimkus
    Alternative NameJoanna Shimkus Poitier, Lady Poitier, Joanna Schimkus
    Birthday30th October, 1943
    BirthplaceHalifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Height5′ 7″ (170 cm)
    Weight128lbs (58 kg)
    Eye ColorGreen
    Hair ColorDyed Blonde
    Zodiac SignScorpio
    Occupation TextActress, producer
    Claim to FameThe Virgin and the Gypsy (1970)
    Bust (inches)33
    Cup SizeB
    Waist (inches)24
    Hips (inches)35

    Early Life and Education

    When Joanna Shimkus was a little girl, just like you, she lived in a place called Halifax in Canada. Halifax is pretty cool because it’s by the ocean, and you can see lots of ships there! As a kid, Joanna went to school just like you do. She learned to read, and write and probably played tag with her friends during recess. But Joanna was also very interested in stories and pretend play, which is like when you use your imagination to become a knight or a princess.

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    Because Joanna loved stories so much, she decided she wanted to tell them to others. But instead of writing them down, she wanted to act them out, like in a school play but much bigger. So, after she finished going to school in Halifax, she worked very hard to learn how to become a great actress. This meant she had to practice speaking loudly, and clearly and learning how to show feelings without saying anything at all. Just think about how you feel when you’re happy, sad, or surprised, and imagine showing that to someone without talking – that’s what Joanna learned to do!

    Parents and Siblings

    Joanna Shimkus has a family story like many of us. She was born to a mommy and a daddy who lived in Halifax, Canada. Think of them like the king and queen in a castle, and Joanna was their little princess. Just like in your family, her parents took care of her, made her laugh, and probably read her bedtime stories. Joanna also has brothers and sisters, kind of like your own play team at home. They played together, had fun, and sometimes got into little adventures or maybe even a bit of mischief. Imagine having a sleepover with your best friends every night; that’s what it’s like having siblings! Joanna’s family was her first audience; she shared her dreams with them, and they cheered her on. Every family is special in their way, and Joanna’s was her first step into a big world of acting and storytelling.

    Husband and Boyfriend

    Joanna Shimkus had a love story like one from the fairy tales. She met a prince of the movie world named Sidney Poitier. Sidney was very famous, like a king in movies, because he was a great actor. People everywhere knew who he was because he acted in many stories that were shown on big screens in movie theaters.

    Joanna and Sidney liked each other a lot and decided to be together, just like princes and princesses decided to share adventures in stories. They got married, which is like the happy ending in fairy tales where the prince and princess have a big celebration. Together, they made a family and shared lots of love and happiness. They didn’t just act in movies; they were the main characters in their own beautiful story of love and family. Joanna’s love story with Sidney is like a reminder that fairy tales can happen in real life too.

    Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

    Joanna Shimkus is like a fairy tale character who doesn’t age like the rest of us! Even though the calendar says she was born a long time ago, in 1943, she still shines brightly like the stars in the night sky. If you’ve seen her movies. You know she looks like someone who could live in a castle or embark on grand adventures. When we talk about how tall she is, imagine standing next to a doorway.

    Joanna is as tall as the doorway is wide, which is about the same as five and a half stacks of your favorite bedtime storybooks. That makes her pretty tall! As for how much she weighs, it’s just enough so that she can dance like a feather in the wind in her movies. And her appearance? Well, imagine the most elegant queen in your favorite fairy tales, with a kind smile that could light up the darkest room. Joanna has that same magical sparkle, with eyes that seem to tell stories of their own. She’s like a real-life princess from those tales we love, showing us that beauty comes in many forms, especially when you kind and talented like she is.

    Joanna Shimkus Career

    Joanna Shimkus had a very special job – she was an actress. Which means she pretended to be different people in movies. Just like when you dress up and play make-believe, she did it on a big screen for many people to see. She played in movies like “The Virgin and the Gypsy” and “Zita”. Where she was like a storybook hero, showing us different adventures without leaving our seats. Joanna also helped make movies, which is like being the boss of a play, deciding what happens next. She shared her talent with the world, making us smile and sometimes even learn lessons just like the stories you love.

    Joanna Shimkus Social Media Presence

    Joanna Shimkus isn’t like the kids today who love sharing everything online with apps like Instagram or TikTok. You know, those apps where you can see pictures and videos of people doing fun stuff? Well, Joanna doesn’t use those. She likes keeping her adventures and family moments private, which means she doesn’t post them for everyone to see. So, if you’re hoping to find her sharing videos of playing dress-up or acting in movies, you might be a bit disappointed. But that’s okay! It’s kind of cool to have secrets and stories that are just yours, don’t you think?

    Joanna Shimkus Net Worth and Achievement

    Imagine if you had a piggy bank that was filled not just with coins, but with all the treasures of a pirate’s chest. That’s sort of what “net worth” means – it’s like counting all the treasures a person has gathered from their adventures. Joanna Shimkus, with her acting and producing of movies, has gathered a lot of treasures, making her piggy bank pretty full! We don’t know exactly how many coins and jewels are in there because it’s her secret treasure chest. But people think it’s a lot because she’s been on so many adventures on the big movie screen.

    As for achievements, think about when you do something great. Like building the tallest tower out of blocks or winning a race, and everyone claps for you. Joanna has had many of those clapping moments because she was so good at pretending to be different people in movies. She made people feel happy, sad, or excited, just like when you tell a great story. Those moments are her achievements. Like shiny medals, she’s won for being an amazing storyteller and adventurer in the land of movies.

    Joanna Shimkus Hobbies

    • Joanna loves to pretend she’s a different character, not just in movies but also at home! It’s like when you dress up as a superhero or a princess and have your adventures in the backyard.
    • She enjoys diving into books filled with magical stories, dragons, and castles. It’s like going on a treasure hunt in your imagination!
    • Joanna likes to get her hands dirty and help flowers and veggies grow in her garden. Imagine planting a tiny seed and watching it grow into a big, beautiful plant!
    • She finds happiness in taking long walks in the woods or by the sea, listening to the birds sing, and feeling the breeze. It’s like going on an exploration adventure without leaving your neighborhood.
    • Joanna loves cooking yummy meals for her family. It’s like being a magician in the kitchen, mixing ingredients to create delicious potions that make everyone smile.
    • With brushes and colors, Joanna paints pictures that tell stories without using any words, kind of like creating your movie on paper.

    Joanna Shimkus Interesting Facts

    • Joanna was born in a place where you can see lots of ships because it’s right by the ocean!
    • She married a real-life prince of movies, Sidney Poitier, and they had their own fairy tale story.
    • Imagine playing pretend for your job – that’s what Joanna did as an actress in movies!
    • She doesn’t use apps like Instagram or TikTok to share her adventures, keeping her stories like hidden treasures.
    • Joanna likes to play dress-up not just on movie sets but also at home, making every day an adventure.
    • She once helped make a movie, which is like being the captain of a ship, steering it through a sea of stories.
    • Joanna loves reading fairy tales, maybe because her own life is a bit like a fairy tale too.


    Q- What does Joanna Shimkus do?

    She plays pretend as different people in movies, kind of like when you dress up and act out stories.

    Q- Who was Joanna married to?

    She was married to Sidney Poitier, a very famous actor, kind of like a king in the world of movies.

    Q- Does Joanna like using the internet to share pictures?

    No, Joanna prefers to keep her adventures and special moments private, not sharing them on apps like Instagram or TikTok.

    Q- What are some fun things Joanna likes to do?

    She loves playing dress-up, reading stories about magical places, gardening, walking in nature, cooking yummy food for her family, and painting beautiful pictures.

    Q- How did Joanna become an actress?

    She loved stories and pretending to be different characters, so she worked hard to learn how to act in big movies.

    Q- Is Joanna a princess?

    Not really, but her life story is a bit like a fairy tale, filled with adventure, love, and making dreams come true.


    So, we went on a big adventure today, learning all about Joanna Shimkus. She’s like a character from a fairy tale who lives among us, showing us the magic of movies and how fun playing pretend can be. Joanna taught us that with imagination. You can be anything you want from a queen in a castle to a hero on an adventure. And the most important part? She showed us that love and family are the greatest stories of all. Remember, every day is a chance to start your fairy tale, just like Joanna did.

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