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    Journey River Green: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio 2024.

    Journey River Green is no ordinary 8-year-old boy. Born into a family of Hollywood stars, he has already captured the hearts of many with his charming personality and adorable looks. Journey’s parents, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are renowned actors, and with their support and guidance, he is set to make his mark in the entertainment industry. From his birth sign, Leo, to his Christian upbringing, Journey’s life has been nothing short of fascinating. As he continues to grow, let’s take a look at his age, career, family, net worth, and height in this bio update for 2024.

    Who is Journey River Green?

    Journey River Green is a young boy whose life is already filled with interesting stories, just like in fairy tales. Imagine having a mom and dad who are both movie stars! That’s Journey’s life. His mom is Megan Fox, known for being in action movies, and his dad is Brian Austin Green, who is also famous on TV.

    Journey was born on a bright summer day, August 4th, 2016, which makes him a Leo – that’s a star sign known for being brave and full of life, just like him! Living in Los Angeles, California, Journey has the whole world at his feet with lots of adventures waiting for him. He has three brothers, and together they make a super team. Although Journey is the youngest, he shines bright with his light. His name, Journey River, is as unique as his story, and with each day, he’s learning and growing, ready to explore more. Isn’t it exciting to think about what adventures lie ahead for him?


    Full nameJourney River Green
    Date of birth4th of August, 2016
    Place of birthLos Angeles, California, USA
    Age8 years old (As of 2024)
    Zodiac signLeo
    Eye ColourBlack
    Hair ColourBrown
    FatherBrian Austin Green
    MotherMegan Fox

    Early Life and Education

    Journey River Green is a young boy with a big, bright world ahead of him. Imagine going to school and telling your friends that your mom and dad are movie stars! That’s a cool story to share, isn’t it? Even though Journey is growing up in a famous family, he’s just like any other kid. He probably plays, learns, and sometimes even gets into a little bit of mischief.

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    We don’t know what school Journey goes to, but we can guess he’s learning all sorts of fun things that kids learn at his age. Maybe he’s learning how to read better, solve math problems, make art, or even play music. Since Journey is still very young, there’s a lot for him to explore in school and in life. Think about all the amazing stories he’ll have for show-and-tell. Maybe he’ll talk about the adventures he goes on with his family or the cool things he’s learning in class. Education is an adventure, and for Journey, it’s just beginning!

    Parents and Siblings

    Journey River Green has a cool family! His mom, Megan Fox, is super famous for being in big action movies, and his dad, Brian Austin Green, is famous too because he’s been on TV a lot. Imagine having parents who are like superheroes from the movies and TV shows you watch! In 2010, his mom and dad decided to get married and they’ve been sharing their adventure with Journey and his brothers. Speaking of brothers, Journey isn’t the only kid in his house.

    He has three brothers! There’s Bodhi and Noah, who are also Megan and Brian’s kids, and then there’s Kassius, who is Brian’s son from before. So, that means Journey has lots of company to play and have fun with. He’s the youngest, which sometimes means he gets to be the boss in games, or maybe he has to follow what his older brothers do. Either way, it’s pretty cool because it’s like having a team of friends right at home! They all live together in Los Angeles, California, where there’s sunshine and lots of places to explore. Journey’s life is filled with fun, family, and lots of love from his parents and siblings.

    Journey River Green Games

    Envision having a money box loaded up with games, from puzzles that make you scratch your head remembering to activity-pressed computer games that take you on undertakings in distant grounds. Venture Waterway Green, with his siblings, has a supernatural universe of play right readily available. If it’s not too much trouble, consider the great they have, jumping into games where they can be knights, space explorers, or even dinosaurs!

    They could race vehicles around the parlor or fabricate tall pinnacles with blocks, just to snicker as they tumble down. Furthermore, with his family, consistently resembles another level in a game, loaded with shocks and learning new things. Messing around isn’t just about winning or losing; it’s tied in with investing energy with your siblings and making stories they will grow up.

    In this way, while Excursion is still extremely youthful, his life is now loaded up with the delight and energy that games bring, showing him collaboration, a creative mind, and having some good times, regardless of what game is on the table.

    Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

    Journey River Green is a young boy, just like you might be, who is growing up fast! He was born on a sunny day in August, which means every summer he gets to celebrate turning a year older. Right now, he’s 8 years old. When it comes to how tall he is or how much he weighs, well, that’s something that changes because he’s still growing! Just like you, Journey probably has days when he suddenly notices his clothes are a bit tighter or his shoes don’t fit like they used to.

    That’s all part of growing up. Journey has light hair and big eyes that make him look a lot like his mom and dad. People often say he has a big smile that lights up the room, just like a sunny day. And since he’s always running around and playing, you can tell he’s full of energy. It’s fun to think about how he might be learning new sports or trying out different activities, all of which help him grow strong and tall. Just like any kid, Journey’s appearance will keep changing as he gets older, but one thing’s for sure – he’s got that special sparkle that comes from being part of a loving family.


    Journey River Green is just starting his adventure in life, so he doesn’t have a career like grown-ups do. Right now, he’s more about playing and learning every day. Sometimes, he might be in photos or videos because his mom and dad are famous. But mostly, Journey is having fun, being a kid, and maybe dreaming about what he wants to be when he grows up. Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll see him on TV or in movies, just like his parents!

    Journey River Green Before Fame

    Before he was known by quite a few people, Excursion Stream Green was a little child with a major family brimming with adoration. He was only a tad fellow beginning his life experience. With his mother and father being stars, he was naturally introduced to a reality where cameras blaze and individuals grin at him.

    In any case, before all that, he was snuggling, cooing, and making child strides. His days were loaded up with play, giggling, and bunches of embraces. Consistently was a revelation, from the main words to the happy moves. Like some other youngster, Excursion’s life started with straightforward, cheerful minutes imparted to his loved ones.

    Journey River Green Social Media Presence

    Journey River Green is still too young for his social media pages. Unlike big people, kids like Journey spend their time playing and learning, not posting online. But, because his mom and dad are famous, sometimes you might see pictures of him on their accounts. These pictures show Journey having fun or hanging out with his family. It’s a way for people to get a tiny peek into his exciting life filled with adventures and smiles. So, for now, Journey’s online presence is all about cute moments captured by his parents.

    Net Worth and Achievement

    Talking about money and how much someone is worth can be a bit tricky, especially when it’s about a young boy like Journey River Green. Since Journey is just 8 years old, he doesn’t have a job like adults do, so he doesn’t earn money himself. The idea of “net worth” is something grown-ups use to talk about how much money and things they have. Journey’s mom and dad, because they are movie and TV stars, probably have a lot of money, but that’s different from Journey having his own.

    But, Journey has already achieved a lot just by being himself! He’s part of a loving family, and he brings happiness to those around him. Achievements aren’t just about awards or how much money you have; they’re also about the fun times, the smiles, and the memories you create. For Journey, being a good brother, and son, and having fun adventures are his biggest achievements so far. And who knows? As he grows up, there will be lots of opportunities for him to achieve even more things, just like in stories where the characters go on quests and discover treasures!

    Journey River Green Hobbies

    • Journey loves pretending to be his favorite hero and going on pretend adventures.
    • He enjoys creating colorful pictures, maybe even drawing his family and friends.
    • Whether it’s running in the yard or going to the park, Journey loves being in the fresh air.
    • He uses blocks to build tall towers and cool structures, showing off his creative side.
    • Journey enjoys spending time watching his favorite shows, full of fun characters and stories.
    • With the help of his parents, he loves to read and listen to stories before bedtime.
    • Journey has a lot of fun playing games and sharing toys with his three brothers.

    Interesting Facts About Journey River Green

    • Journey’s name is super special because it’s not just a name, it’s also about going on adventures.
    • He has a big family with three brothers, which means he’s never bored and always has someone to play with.
    • Even though he’s young, he’s been in pictures and videos because his parents are famous.
    • Journey was born in the summertime, which makes him a Leo – that means he’s brave and loves to have fun.
    • He lives in Los Angeles, California, where it’s sunny a lot, so he can play outside pretty much any time he wants.
    • Journey’s favorite things to do include playing with superhero toys and building tall towers with blocks.
    • He also loves drawing and coloring, taking pictures of anything he can imagine.
    • Watching cartoons is something he enjoys, especially ones with fun stories and cool characters.
    • Before bedtime, he likes to read storybooks with his parents, diving into tales of adventure and magic.


    Q- What is Journey’s favorite toy?

    A- He loves playing with superhero toys and pretending to go on big adventures.

    Q- How many brothers does Journey have?

    A- He has three brothers which means he always has someone to play with and share toys with.

    Q- Does Journey go to school?

    A- Yes, just like other kids his age, he’s learning lots of new and fun things.

    Q- Who are Journey’s parents?

    A- His mom is Megan Fox and his dad is Brian Austin Green, both famous actors.

    Q- What does Journey like to do for fun?

    A- He enjoys playing outside, building with blocks, and watching cartoons.

    Q- Where does Journey live?

    A- He lives in sunny Los Angeles, California, where he can play outside almost every day.

    Q- Is Journey on social media?

    A- No, he’s too young for social media, but sometimes his parents share pictures of him.


    Journey River Green is a little boy with a big heart and a world full of adventures waiting for him. Even though he’s young, his life is full of exciting stories, just like a fairy tale. With his loving family by his side and so many fun hobbies, Journey is learning and growing every day. As he explores, plays, and imagines, we can’t wait to see all the amazing things he’ll do. Remember, every day is an adventure, and for Journey, the journey is just beginning.

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