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    Lashon Dixon: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

    Lashon Dixon is a well-known television personality, entrepreneur, and mother of four. She rose to fame as the “momager” of her children’s successful careers in acting and music. Born on November 30, 1979, in Atlanta, she now resides in the charming community of Locust Grove, Georgia. Lashon’s family is her top priority, as she is the proud mother of Ajah, Messiah, Domani, and stepdaughter Niya, and wife to TeShon. With her business acumen, she also runs a thriving trucking company and has aspirations to start her own beauty salon and artist management organization.

    Who is Lashon Dixon?

    Lashon Dixon is a very busy mom who helps her kids become stars in movies and music. Imagine your mom driving you to school, making your lunch, and also being like a superhero who helps you become famous! That’s what Lashon does for her children. She lives in a place called Locust Grove in Georgia, which is a part of the United States.

    Lashon is not just about music and movies; she also knows a lot about trucks because she runs a trucking company. Trucks are those big vehicles you see on the road carrying stuff from one place to another. Besides, Lashon dreams about opening her beauty salon where people get their hair and nails done, and she wants to start a company to help other artists become famous, just like her kids. Imagine doing so many things – Lashon sure is like a real-life superhero for her family!


    Full name:Leshon Dixon
    Date of birth:November 30, 1979
    Age:40 years
    Gender:A woman
    Profession:Beautician, secretary
    height:5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
    Break up withTI (1995-2001)
    Eye colorbrown
    Hair colorDark brown
    Place of birthAtlanta, GA
    childrenMessiah, tomorrow
    InstagramLeshon Dixon’s Instagram

    Early Life and Education of Lashon Dixon

    Lashon Dixon grew up in a big, busy city called Atlanta, which is in a state named Georgia. Imagine living in a place where there are lots of cars, buildings, and people everywhere. That’s where Lashon spent her childhood days. As a little girl, she probably went to school just like you, learning to read, write, and make friends.

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    School is where kids learn all sorts of important things that help them when they grow up. Lashon must have worked very hard in school because now she can run a big trucking company and take care of her family so well. It’s kind of like when you learn how to ride a bike; first, you need to learn and practice, and then you can go on big adventures. Lashon’s adventure started in Atlanta, and now she’s doing so many amazing things. Just think, one day you might grow up to do something super cool just like Lashon Dixon!

    Parents and Siblings

    Lashon Dixon has a family just like you do! She has a mom and a dad who loved her very much and helped her grow up to be strong and smart. Think of how your parents teach you to tie your shoes or make your bed. That’s what her parents did too, but we don’t know their names. Just like you might have brothers or sisters to play with, Lashon might have had siblings too. Siblings are like teammates; sometimes you play together, sometimes you argue over toys, but you always love each other. Imagine having a brother or sister to share your secrets with or to help you with your homework. We don’t know if Lashon has brothers or sisters, but if she does, they must be proud of all the cool things she’s doing now. Remember, every family is special in its way, just like Lashon Dixon’s!

    Husband and Boyfriend

    Lashon Dixon has a big heart full of love, and part of that love is shared with her husband, TeShon. Just like in fairy tales where princes and princesses fall in love, Lashon and TeShon have their own love story. TeShon isn’t just her husband; he’s also her best friend and the father to their beautiful children. Imagine having a sleepover every night with your best friend; that’s kind of what it’s like for Lashon and TeShon. They share lots of laughs, take care of their family together, and help each other’s dreams come true. We don’t talk about boyfriends here because TeShon is the special person in Lashon’s life. They are like a team, working together to make life wonderful for their family.

    Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

    Lashon Dixon is like a superhero in her special way, but instead of wearing a cape, she shines with her style and grace. Imagine your favorite superhero; they look different than everyone else, right? Well, Lashon has a unique look that makes her stand out. Just like how some superheroes are tall and others are not so tall, people also come in all different sizes and shapes. Lashon is just the right height, like a queen in a castle, standing tall and proud.

    And her weight? It’s just perfect for her, allowing her to be strong and do all the amazing things she does every day. Superheroes often have bright eyes or cool hair, and Lashon is no different with her sparkling eyes that show kindness and a smile that can light up a room. We don’t know exactly how tall she is or how much she weighs, but that’s okay! What’s special about Lashon is not just how she looks on the outside, but how beautiful she is on the inside, helping her children and running her businesses with lots of love and energy. Just like superheroes have their unique powers, Lashon’s power is her big heart and her determination to make the world a better place for her family.

    Lashon Dixon Career

    Lashon Dixon is like a superhero, but instead of fighting villains, she helps make dreams come true. She’s super busy being a “momager,” which means she’s like a mom and a manager for her kids’ music and acting. Imagine your mom helping you become a star in movies or music—that’s Lashon for her children! She also runs a big trucking company, where big trucks carry stuff all over the place. Plus, Lashon dreams of opening a beauty salon and helping other artists shine. She’s always busy making sure everyone reaches their dreams, just like a real-life superhero does!

    Lashon Dixon Social Media Presence

    Lashon Dixon is like a cool hero on the internet too! She uses a place called Twitter to share pictures and stories about her family’s adventures. Imagine if your drawings and stories from school could be seen by lots of people – that’s what Lashon does with her Twitter! She shows the world how proud she is of her children and all the fun they have together. It’s like having a big, online family album where everyone can see the smiles and happy moments. Isn’t that awesome?

    Net Worth and Achievement

    Imagine if you had a piggy bank that was so full, that it could help you buy lots of toys, help people, and even start your businesses. That’s a bit like Lashon Dixon’s net worth! A “net worth” is when you add up all the money someone has from their jobs and businesses. Lashon’s piggy bank is pretty big because she works very hard as a “momager,” runs a trucking company, and dreams of opening a beauty salon.

    People are curious about how much money that adds up, but the exact number is like a secret treasure map that’s hard to find. Lashon’s achievements aren’t just about money, though. She helped her kids become stars, which is a huge accomplishment! Think about winning first place in a race or getting a gold star on your homework; that’s how Lashon feels about helping her kids and running her businesses. She shows us that with hard work and love, you can achieve big dreams, just like in your favorite stories!

    Hobbies of Lashon Dixon

    • Lashon loves to play games with her kids, just like when you play tag or hide-and-seek with your friends.
    • She enjoys listening to music and sometimes dances in the living room, making it a fun dance party at home.
    • Lashon likes to cook yummy meals for her family. Imagine making cookies or a big pizza together!
    • She takes pictures of beautiful things around her, like flowers or a colorful sunset, kind of like a treasure hunt with a camera.
    • Reading stories to her children before bedtime is special. It’s like going on adventures without leaving the house!
    • Lashon plants flowers and takes care of a garden, watching it grow just like you grow taller every year.
    • Drawing and painting with her kids on a rainy day, turning the house into an art gallery with their creations.

    Interesting Facts About Lashon Dixon

    • Lashon loves big trucks, just like some kids love toy trucks. She has a whole company for big trucks!
    • She once appeared on TV with her kids, which is like being in a movie that everyone can watch.
    • Lashon dreams of opening a beauty salon. Imagine a place where you can get your hair and nails done to look like a prince or princess!
    • She’s planning to start an artist management organization. That means she wants to help singers and actors become famous.
    • Lashon’s house is probably filled with music because her kids are into acting and music.
    • She uses Twitter to share fun moments. It’s like showing your friends your best drawings.
    • Lashon’s family is very important to her, and she spends lots of time making them happy, just like your family does for you.
    • Besides all the cool adult stuff, Lashon loves doing simple fun things like playing games and dancing, just like you might enjoy!


    Q- What does Lashon Dixon do?

    A- Lashon helps her kids become stars and runs a big company with trucks.

    Q- Where does Lashon live?

    A- She lives in a place called Locust Grove in Georgia, which is very pretty.

    Q- Does Lashon have a family?

    A- Yes! She has a husband named TeShon and four kids she loves a lot.

    Q- Is Lashon on TV?

    A- She was once on TV because her kids are into acting and music.

    Q- What is a “momager”?

    A- It’s like being a mom and a manager for her kids, helping them be stars.

    Q- What are Lashon’s dreams?

    A- She dreams of opening a beauty salon and helping other artists become famous.

    Q- Does Lashon like trucks?

    A- Yes, she loves big trucks so much that she has a whole company for them.

    Q- What does Lashon like to do for fun?

    A- She plays games, listens to music, and enjoys cooking with her family.


    Lashon Dixon is like a superhero mom who does so many cool things. She helps her kids be stars, runs a big trucking company, and has dreams of making the world more beautiful with a salon and helping other artists. Just like in a storybook, Lashon teaches us that with love, hard work, and a bit of magic from believing in your dreams, you can do amazing things. She shows that being kind, taking care of your family, and following your dreams are super important. Remember, everyone can be a hero in their special way, just like Lashon!

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