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    Louise Stratten: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

    Louise Stratten is a well-known actress and model, born on May 8, 1968, in New York City. In 2024, she will be 56 years old. She holds Canadian citizenship, as she was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Louise comes from a family of five, with her parents Nelly and Simon, and siblings John Arthur and Dorothy Stratten. Unfortunately, her sister Dorothy was tragically murdered by her husband. Despite this tragedy, Louise has persevered in her career and has achieved great success.

    Who is Louise Stratten?

    Louise Stratten is someone many people know because she is very good at acting and modeling. Think of her as a person who pretends to be other people in movies and TV shows, which is pretty cool! She was born in a big, busy city called New York City, but she grew up in a place called Vancouver in Canada. That means she is from two places! Canada and the United States.

    Imagine having friends in two different countries! Louise has a mom named Nelly and a dad named Simon, and she also has a brother and a sister. Her sister’s name was Dorothy, but something very sad happened to her. Even though Louise faced a big sadness, she kept doing what she loved, acting and making believe. She shows us that even when sad things happen, we can keep going and do great things. Louise is like a superhero in real life, showing us how to be strong.


    Full Name:Louise Stratten
    Born Date:08 May, 1968
    Age:56 years
    Lucky Number:10
    Lucky Stone:Emerald
    Lucky Color:Green
    Best Match for Marriage:Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn
    Height:5 feet 4 inches (1.63m)
    Marital Status:divorce
    DivorcePeter Bogdanovich
    Net Worth$1-5 million
    Eye Colorbrown
    Hair Colorblonde
    Birth PlaceVancouver, Canada
    FatherSimon Hoogstraten
    MotherNelly Hoogstraten
    SiblingsJohn Arthur Stratten and Dorothy Stratten

    Early Life and Education

    Louise Stratten had a childhood filled with imagination and fun, growing up in a place with lots of trees and beautiful scenery called Vancouver in Canada. Think of it like a big playground where she could dream and play. She was like any other kid, going to school, making friends, and learning new things every day. School is a place where kids learn about numbers, letters, and all sorts of interesting facts about the world. Louise probably had favorite subjects, just like you do, maybe she loved reading stories or drawing pictures.

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    When she was a little girl, she also had to do her homework, just like you. Maybe she also had a special place at home where she did her schoolwork or read her favorite books. Imagine her sitting at a desk, working hard to learn, so she could grow up to be smart and talented. Education is really important because it helps us to achieve our dreams, just like Louise did. She showed us that learning and going to school can lead to doing amazing things in life.

    Parents and Siblings

    Louise Stratten has a mom and a dad, just like you and me! Her mom’s name is Nelly, and her dad’s name is Simon. They must love her very much and are probably very proud of all the acting and pretending she does. Louise also has a brother named John Arthur, who might play games with her, and a sister named Dorothy.

    Dorothy was very special to Louise, but something very sad happened, and she is not here anymore. Imagine having a big family where you can play, share stories, and sometimes even argue, but at the end of the day, you all hug and say “goodnight.” That’s what families do! They stick together through happy and sad times, sharing lots of love. Louise’s family sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it? They must have lots of stories to tell and memories they keep in their hearts.

    Husband and Boyfriend

    Louise Stratten’s heart has a special story, kind of like in fairy tales where princes and princesses find love. She has had people in her life who cared about her a lot, like a best friend or a favorite teacher who makes you smile. When someone is grown up, they sometimes find a husband or a boyfriend who is like their team partner in the big game of life. They share laughs, maybe dance in the living room, and help each other with big and small things.

    Louise Stratten ex-Husband

    Louise has kept her love stories quite private, like a secret garden. That means she doesn’t talk much about them in public or on TV. It’s kind of like how you might have a secret handshake with your best friend that only you two know. This makes her love life a mystery, which is okay because everyone should have their secret garden. Just imagine her having someone who sends her flowers, watches movies with her, and maybe even goes on adventures together, finding new places to explore.

    Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

    Louise Stratten is like a character from your favorite storybook who has been around for 56 adventures around the sun, as she will be 56 years old in 2024. Think of her like a tree that has grown tall and strong over many years. She’s not just any tree, though; she’s like one of those beautiful trees that you see in pictures of faraway places, standing tall and proud. When it comes to how much she weighs or how tall she is, it’s like knowing the specific kind of leaves on a tree without seeing it up close.

    These details about her are like little secrets that make her unique. But what’s special about Louise is not just numbers about her height or weight; it’s about the sparkle in her eyes and her smile that lights up a room, kind of like when you draw a picture and add glitter to make it shine. Her appearance is like a story itself, telling us about all the roles she has played as an actress and how each one adds to her magic. Just like characters in books have different costumes, Louise has a style that makes her stand out, not because of how tall she is or what the scale says, but because of who she is.

    Louise Stratten Career

    Louise Stratten loves playing pretend for her job, which means she’s an actress! Imagine getting dressed up and acting like someone else in front of a camera, and that’s what she does. She has been in movies and TV shows, where she pretends to be different people. It’s like when you dress up and play make-believe with your friends, but Louise does this as her work! She gets to tell stories through her acting, bringing characters to life just like in your favorite cartoons or storybooks. Isn’t it cool to think about playing pretend as a grown-up job?

    Before fame

    Long before Louise Stratten became a star, she was a little girl with big dreams. Imagine playing in your backyard, dreaming of being a princess or a superhero. That was Louise! She loved playing pretend and making up stories with her friends. Even as a kid, Louise knew she wanted to tell stories, but not just any stories—movie stories. So, she would practice acting, playing different characters, and making her family laugh and clap. This was her special way of preparing for a magical journey to becoming the actress she is today.

    Louise Stratten Social Media Presence

    Louise Stratten is a bit like a mystery book when it comes to sharing her life online. Imagine a treasure chest that’s locked, keeping all the treasures inside a secret. That’s kind of like how Louise treats her social media. She doesn’t share a lot on places like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook where you can post pictures or talk about what you’re doing.

    She likes to keep her adventures, smiles, and special moments just for herself and the people close to her, not the whole world. It’s like she has a magical diary that only she can read. So, when we try to peek into her life through the internet, it’s like the pages are blank. But that’s okay because it makes her even more interesting, like a character in a storybook who keeps you guessing what they’ll do next.

    Net Worth and Achievement of Louise Stratten

    Louise Stratten has a treasure chest, but it’s not filled with gold coins or pirate’s loot; it’s filled with all the movies and shows she’s acted in! Think of each movie as a shiny gem. She has collected lots of these gems because she’s very good at pretending to be other people. When you’re good at something, like playing soccer or drawing, you can earn medals or trophies. Louise earns her treasures by acting, and people love watching her.

    Now, imagine you have a piggy bank where you save money from the tooth fairy or your birthday. Louise has something like that too, but her piggy bank is called “net worth.” It’s where all the money she makes from acting and being in movies goes. People say her piggy bank is pretty big because she’s worked so hard and been in so many movies! Even though we don’t know exactly how big her piggy bank is, we know she’s done amazing things in movies and TV, which is super cool. Just like when you feel proud for winning a race or making a beautiful painting, Louise feels proud of her acting gems and her big piggy bank. And that’s a very special achievement.

    Louise Stratten Career


    • Louise loves to explore the world of colors by painting. Imagine having a big, blank canvas and making it come alive with the colors of the rainbow. That’s what she does for fun!
    • She also enjoys dancing. Think about moving your body to the beat of your favorite song. Louise dances to feel happy and free.
    • Reading books is another hobby of hers. Picture diving into a story where dragons fly and princesses go on adventures. Louise loves to get lost in these magical worlds.
    • Gardening is something Louise finds relaxing. Imagine playing in the dirt, planting tiny seeds, and watching them grow into beautiful flowers or yummy veggies.
    • Cooking new recipes is exciting for her. It’s like being a food scientist, mixing ingredients to create delicious meals.
    • Playing with her pet dog keeps her active and joyful. Picture running around in the park, throwing a ball, and getting lots of puppy kisses.
    • Lastly, Louise likes to take long walks. It’s a time when she can think, dream, and see the beauty of the world around her, just like going on a treasure hunt.

    Interesting Facts About Louise Stratten

    • Louise has a secret talent: she can make really silly faces that make everyone laugh!
    • She loves ice cream so much, she could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Imagine having ice cream all day!
    • Louise once dressed up as a superhero for Halloween. She felt like she could save the world!
    • She has a lucky charm she carries with her whenever she goes to act in movies. It’s a small, shiny rock.
    • Louise can speak a little bit of French. Bonjour, that means hello!
    • Her favorite movie as a kid was about magical creatures in a faraway land. She dreamed of going on adventures like in the movie.
    • She’s scared of spiders! Even heroes have things they’re afraid of.
    • Louise loves to make up stories and could tell you one that lasts for hours. She has a big imagination.
    • On her birthday, she wishes to travel to the moon. Isn’t that an out-of-this-world wish?


    Q- What does Louise do?

    A- She pretends to be different people in movies and shows. It’s her job!

    Q- How old is Louise?

    A- She will be 56 years old in 2024, like a tree that’s grown for 56 years!

    Q- Where did Louise grow up?

    A- In a beautiful place with lots of trees called Vancouver in Canada.

    Q- Does Louise have brothers and sisters?

    A- Yes! She has a brother named John Arthur and a sister named Dorothy.

    Q- Who are Louise’s mom and dad?

    A- Her mom is Nelly, and her dad is Simon. They are like the king and queen of her family.

    Q- Can Louise make silly faces?

    A- Yep! She can make really funny faces that make everyone laugh.

    Q- What are some things Louise loves to do?

    A- She loves painting, dancing, reading, gardening, cooking, playing with her dog, and taking long walks.

    Q- Does Louise have a secret talent?

    A- She’s good at making silly faces and telling long fun stories.

    Q- What’s Louise’s favorite food?

    A- She loves ice cream so much, she could eat it all day!

    Q- Is there something Louise is scared of?

    A- She’s scared of spiders, just like some of us might be.


    Louise Stratten is like a magical character from a storybook full of adventures. She grew up with dreams and turned them into a big, shiny reality by becoming an actress. Imagine being able to play pretend and tell stories as your job! Plus, she has a big heart, loves to do so many fun things like painting and dancing, and even has secret talents. Louise shows us that with lots of learning and dreaming, you can do amazing things, just like in fairy tales. Remember, even when scary things like spiders come along, you can still have big, ice-cream-filled adventures and make the world a happier place, just like Louise

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