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Timothy Shalloway: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio 2024.

Timothy Shalloway

Timothy Shalloway, or as many may know him, Timothée Chalamet, is a talented and rising star in Hollywood. Born on December 27, 1995, in New York City. Timothy has always had a passion for acting and began pursuing it at a young age. At just 29 years old, he has already made a name for himself in the entertainment industry, earning an Academy Award nomination for his breakout role in “Call Me by Your Name.” Along with his successful career, Timothy also has a substantial net worth and stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Who is Timothy Shalloway?

Timothy Shalloway is a super cool actor who plays make-believe for his job, just like when you play pretend with your friends. Imagine acting like you’re someone else, wearing fun costumes, and having lots of people watch you on a big screen – that’s what Timothy does! He was born in a big city called New York City, which has lots of tall buildings and busy streets.

When Timothy was younger, just like you, he loved acting and decided that he wanted to be an actor when he grew up. And guess what? He did it! He became famous for pretending to be a character named Elio in a movie. People liked his acting so much that they even gave him a special nomination, which is like getting a gold star for doing an excellent job. Timothy isn’t just good at acting; he’s also really dedicated, which means he works hard and loves what he does. Plus, he’s not super tall, but that doesn’t stop him from standing out with his amazing acting skills. Isn’t it cool how someone can turn their dream into reality? That’s exactly what Timothy Shalloway did!


Real NameTimothy Shalloway
Nick NameTimothy Chalamet
Famous AsActor
Age29 years
Birthday27 December, 1995
BirthplaceNew York City
Zodiac SignLeo
Heightapprox. 5 ft. 8 in (1.78 m)
Weightapprox. 68 Kg
Body Measurementsapprox. 44-32-38 inches
Biceps Size23 inches
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Shoe Size10.5
Girlfriend/DatingLily-Rose Depp
Net WorthApproximately $3 million

Early Life and Education

Timothy Shalloway, or as we know him, Timothée Chalamet, was once a little boy with big dreams just like you! He was born in a bustling city filled with skyscrapers and endless streets called New York City. From the time he was very young, Timothy loved to pretend and play roles, imagining himself as different characters. This love for acting led him to start learning how to become an actor while he was still in school. Timothy went to a special school called Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts.

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Think of it as a magical place where instead of regular classes, you get to sing, dance, act, and create art every day! It’s the same school where some other famous people learned to perfect their crafts. Timothy worked hard and played in school plays, which is like being in your school talent show but with lots of acting. He loved learning there because he could act, make friends, and still do all the usual school subjects. After high school, Timothy wanted to learn even more. So he went to college for a little bit at Columbia University but then decided to focus full-time on acting. Even as a kid, Timothy knew learning was important to make his dreams come true, just like you can do too!

Parents and Siblings

Timothy Shalloway has a mom and a dad who both love him very much! His mom’s name is Nicole Flender, and she helps people buy and sell houses because she’s a real estate agent. She’s also really good at dancing ballet, which is like dancing on your tiptoes to beautiful music. Timothy’s dad, Marc Chalamet, writes stories for a magazine and helps make it. He’s originally from a country called France, which is why Timothy can speak French too! Timothy isn’t the only kid in his family; he has an older sister named Pauline.

Pauline is also an actor, just like Timothy! They both enjoy acting and being in movies. It’s kind of like when you and your siblings or friends play together and pretend to be different characters from your favorite stories. Even though Timothy is a big movie star, he still spends time with his family. They support each other and have fun together, showing that no matter how famous you get, family is super important and always there for you.

Wife and Girlfriend

Timothy Shalloway, who you might also know as Timothée Chalamet, doesn’t talk much about having a Wife or Girlfriend. That’s because when it comes to who he likes or if he’s dating someone. Timothy keeps it a secret, like a hidden treasure. Just like in a game of hide and seek. Some things are fun to keep hidden until the right time to reveal them. What we do know is that Timothy has lots of friends and people he enjoys spending time with, both in movies and in real life.

Sometimes, when people see him with friends, they start guessing if one of them might be more than just a friend. But remember, just like in stories where you have to wait until the end to find out the secret. We have to wait for Timothy to share his stories when he’s ready. It’s pretty cool to think about how, just like in your favorite games and stories, not everything is shared right away, making life a bit more mysterious and exciting!

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Timothy Shalloway is like a character from your favorite storybook but in real life! He’s 29 years old, which might seem super old to you, but in the world of grown-ups, he’s still quite young, especially for someone who has done so many cool things in movies. Imagine if you stacked 29 little toy blocks on top of each other – that’s how many years Timothy has been adventuring on Earth! Timothy isn’t very tall, standing at 5 feet 8 inches.

Picture five rulers stacked end to end, and add a little bit more – that’s how tall he is! It’s the perfect height for playing heroes or princes in his movies. Timothy keeps himself in movie-star shape, but he loves to eat yummy food too, just like you might love your snacks! As for what he looks like, Timothy has wavy hair that looks like it’s playing a game of hide and seek on his head, sometimes here, sometimes there. He has big, bright eyes that look like they’re always smiling, even when he’s not. And when he does smile, it’s like the sun coming out from behind the clouds. So, even though he’s just a grown-up, Timothy Shalloway is kind of like a character from one of your stories, bringing adventures to life on the big screen!


Timothy Shalloway loves playing dress-up for his job, but instead of playing in his room, he does it on big movie screens where lots of people can see him. He pretended to be Elio in a movie that made lots of people happy and even got a special gold star called an Academy Award nomination. Timothy also played in movies where he was a student and a brother, showing he could pretend to be lots of different people. It’s like when you use your imagination to be a knight, an astronaut, or a teacher. Timothy’s great at making believe, and that’s what makes him a super cool movie star.

Social Media Presence

Timothy Shalloway loves to share bits of his life and fun moments on the internet, just like when you share your drawings or cool toys with friends! He uses a thing called social media, which is like a magic window where you can see what your favorite movie stars are doing. Timothy posts pictures and stories, showing us the fun places he goes and the cool people he meets. It’s like getting a sneak peek into his adventures, almost as if we’re playing a game of treasure hunt and finding little treasures he shares from his life!

Net Worth and Achievement of Timothy Shalloway

Timothy Shalloway is not just great at playing pretend; he’s also kind of like a treasure hunter who has found some really big treasures in his job! Imagine having a big chest full of gold coins and jewels; that’s a bit like Timothy’s net worth. Net worth is how you count all the treasures someone has from their job, and Timothy’s treasure chest is filled with about $10 million! That’s a lot of toy cars and ice cream cones! Not only does Timothy have a big treasure chest, but he’s also been given shiny medals for his amazing pretend play.

Remember when we talked about him getting a special Gold Star nomination for being Elio? That’s like when you do something super good, and everyone claps for you. It’s a big deal in the grown-up world of movies! So, Timothy’s job of playing pretend not only fills his treasure chest but also makes lots of people happy and gives him shiny medals to say, “You’re doing an awesome job!” Just like when you feel proud for doing something well, Timothy feels happy for all his hard work in his fun job of make-believe.

Hobbies of Timothy Shalloway

  • Playing with a soccer ball like it’s a treasure hunt adventure.
  • Drawing pictures, maybe of castles or superheroes, just like you do!
  • Reading storybooks about faraway lands and magical creatures.
  • Watching movies – he loves to see other people’s make-believe worlds.
  • Listening to music and maybe even dancing around like no one’s watching.
  • Playing video games where he can be a knight, a pilot, or anything else.
  • Spending time outside, running around, and exploring, is kind of like a playground explorer.
  • Cooking yummy treats, like cookies or pancakes, which is like a potion-making session.
  • Hanging out with his dog, playing fetch, and going on walks, just like adventures in the park.

Interesting Facts About Timothy Shalloway

  • Timothy can speak two languages! He speaks English and French because his dad comes from France. It’s like having a secret code when you know another language!
  • He once had a fun job at a fancy clothing store before he became a big movie star. Imagine playing dress-up with really nice clothes and getting paid for it!
  • Timothy loves to play the piano, just like you might enjoy playing an instrument or making up songs. He even played the piano in some of his movies.
  • He’s a big fan of soccer, kind of like how you might have a favorite sport or team. Timothy cheers for a team called “Arsenal.”
  • Timothy has a unique hobby of journaling, where he writes down his thoughts and adventures. It’s like keeping a diary of all the fun and interesting things you do.
  • Even though he’s a famous actor, Timothy once said he still gets nervous, just like you might feel on the first day of school or before a big game. It shows everyone gets a bit scared sometimes!
  • Timothy loves to travel and explore new places, almost like going on a treasure hunt in real life. He’s been to lots of countries for his movie work.


Q- Does Timothy have any pets?

A- Yep! He has a dog that he loves to play with, just like you might play with your furry friends.

Q- How tall is Timothy?

A- He’s as tall as five and a bit more rulers put together, so around 5 feet 8 inches tall!

Q- Can Timothy speak any other languages?

A- He sure can! Besides English, he speaks French because his dad is from France. It’s like knowing a secret language!

Q- What does Timothy like to do for fun?

A- He loves playing soccer, drawing, reading cool storybooks, and even cooking yummy treats. He also enjoys playing video games and exploring outside.

Q- Has Timothy won any awards for his acting?

A- Timothy hasn’t won an Oscar yet, but he got nominated, which is a big deal! It’s like being told you did a super great job.

Q- What was Timothy’s first job?

A- Before he was a movie star, he worked at a fancy clothing store, playing dress-up with really nice clothes.

Q- Does Timothy get nervous?

A- Yes, even though he’s a star, he still gets nervous sometimes, just like you might feel on the first day of school.


So, we learned a lot about Timothy Shalloway, a big movie star who loves acting, playing soccer, and even speaking French! He’s like a superhero from your favorite story, doing cool stuff and sharing it with the world. Timothy teaches us that it’s awesome to follow your dreams, work hard, and be kind. Remember, no matter if you’re scared or not, you can do amazing things just like Timothy. So, keep dreaming big, playing, and learning new things, and maybe one day, you’ll share your own story with the world, just like Timothy Shalloway does with his movies!



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