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Brice Rivera: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024.

Brice Rivera

Brice Rivera is a popular 30-year-old YouTuber and social media influencer from California. With his hilarious videos and charming personality, Brice has captured the hearts of many and gained a massive following. Born on March 14, 1994, Brice is a proud Pisces with Mexican roots from his mother’s side. He is a loving son to his parents, who have always been his biggest supporters. In this blog post, we will dive into Brice’s age, successful career, loving family, estimated net worth, and impressive height. Keep reading to learn more about this talented and entertaining content creator!

Who is Brice Rivera?

Brice Rivera is a funny and cool guy who makes videos on the internet. He’s good at making people laugh and loves to share his fun moments online. Brice was born in a sunny place called Huntington Beach in California, which is in the United States. He has a special connection to Mexico because his mom’s family comes from there.

This makes him part Mexican, which is pretty awesome! Brice is very close to his family. His dad is his number one fan, cheering him on in everything he does. You might even see his mom in some of his funny videos! He likes to keep who his parents are a little secret, which is okay because everyone has things they want to keep private. Lots of people enjoy watching Brice’s videos because he has a great way of telling stories and making jokes. He’s not just famous on YouTube, but on other places on the internet too. Brice has friends and fans from all over the world who can’t wait to see what funny video he will make next!


Full Name:Brice Rivera
Born Date:14 Mar 1994
Age:30 years
Lucky Number:7
Lucky Stone:Aquamarine
Lucky Color:Sea Green
Best Match for Marriage:Cancer, Scorpio
Profession:YouTuber, Instagram Star
Country:United States
Height:5 feet and 11 inches
Marital Status:single
Net Worth$1.5 million
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Birth PlaceHuntington Beach
EthnicityNorth American
MotherLaura Marie Paternoster
SiblingsThree (Brent, Blake, and Lexi Rivera)
InstagramBrice Rivera Ins

Early Life and Education

Brice Rivera grew up in a sunny place called Huntington Beach, which is in California. When he was a little boy, he loved making people laugh and showing off his creative side. Brice went to school just like you, where he learned to read, write, and make even more friends. He always had a big imagination and enjoyed sharing stories with anyone who would listen.

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The school was also where Brice found out how much he loved making videos. He would use his mom’s camera to record funny skits and show them to his family. His teachers and classmates loved his creativity too! As Brice got older, he didn’t stop learning. He kept on studying and finding new ways to be funny and share his joy with the world. Even though Brice is all grown up now, he still remembers the lessons he learned when he was in school, like being kind and making people smile.

Parents and Siblings

Brice Rivera has a very loving family that is a big part of his life. His dad is like a superhero fan, always cheering Brice on in everything he does. Brice’s mom is super special too. She even appears in some of his videos, making everyone laugh along with her. Brice likes to keep their names a secret, which is kind of like having a fun mystery in the family.

Brice Rivera Siblings

Brice isn’t the only kid in his family. He has siblings too! Siblings are brothers and sisters, and they can be your first best friends. Brice and his siblings probably had lots of fun times playing and making up games together when they were little. Just imagine the silly videos they could have made! Brice’s family sounds like a lot of fun, with lots of love and laughter. Even though he doesn’t tell us their names, it’s clear that his parents and siblings are very important to him and a big reason why he’s such a happy and funny person today.

Husband and Boyfriend

Brice Rivera is good at making people smile with his videos, but when it comes to talking about a Wife or Girlfriend, there’s not much he has shared. Just like how some of us have secrets, like a hidden stash of candy, Brice also keeps some things private, which is okay! Everyone has their own stories and special people in their life, but not everyone likes to share those stories with the whole world. Brice is super friendly and loves making new friends, but whether he has a special someone like a husband or boyfriend, he hasn’t told us yet. And that’s alright because just like in a treasure hunt, not knowing everything makes the adventure even more exciting!

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Brice Rivera is a big 30-year-old man, which means he’s much older than someone who is just 7! When people look at Brice, they see a tall guy who stands like a tree in a park, really reaching up high! We’re not exactly sure how tall, but just imagine looking up to see someone’s head way above yours. And, just like everyone, Brice has a certain weight, but that’s his secret to keep, just like how you might keep your favorite toy a secret.

Brice looks pretty cool too. He has hair that he styles in a fun way, making him stand out in a crowd. And his smile? It’s big and bright, lighting up the room just like a sunny day. Brice takes care of himself, so he can keep making those funny videos that everyone loves. He might wear glasses, hats, or different clothes that make him look extra cool. Just picture your favorite superhero or cartoon character, and that’s how awesome Brice appears to his fans!

Brice Rivera Career

Brice Rivera loves making funny videos and sharing them on the internet. He started by making small videos that made his friends and family laugh. Then, he began putting these videos online for more people to see. Brice has a special talent for making people smile and laugh with his jokes and funny stories. His videos are so good that lots of people started watching them. Now, he is known as a funny video maker on many websites where people watch videos. Brice works hard to come up with new jokes and fun things to share with everyone who likes to laugh.

Brice Rivera Social Media Presence

Brice Rivera is like a superstar on the internet. He shares his funny videos on places like YouTube where you can watch videos for free! He also uses Instagram, a place where you can share pictures and short videos. Imagine showing your coolest Lego build or prettiest drawing to the whole world; that’s what Brice does with his jokes and fun times. Lots of people follow him to see his new posts and laugh along. He’s good at using the internet to spread happiness and make new friends everywhere!

Net Worth and Achievement

Brice Rivera is good at making people laugh with his videos. He has worked very hard and lots of people watch his funny clips. Because he is so popular and many people enjoy his work, Brice has made some money from his videos. Imagine having a piggy bank, but instead of saving coins, Brice saves money he earns from his videos.

It’s like when you do chores and get an allowance, but Brice gets him from making people smile on the internet! Brice has also gotten trophies and awards for being so funny. It’s like when you win a medal for being the best at a game or for doing well in school. People give Brice awards because his videos are great and make lots of people happy. That’s a big achievement! So, Brice’s hard work in making videos not only makes him happy but also helps him earn money and win prizes.

Brice Rivera Hobbies

  • Brice loves to play video games. Think of him sitting with a big controller, having a fun time, just like you do with your friends!
  • He enjoys going to the beach. Imagine him building sandcastles, running around, and splashing in the waves.
  • Brice is into cooking. Picture him wearing a chef’s hat and making yummy cookies or a big pizza that he can share with everyone.
  • He likes watching movies. Brice sits with a big bowl of popcorn, laughing and enjoying fun stories on the screen.
  • Drawing and painting are fun for him too. Brice creates colorful pictures, maybe even drawing the funny things that happen in his videos.
  • Going on adventures is something he loves. It’s like he’s a treasure hunter, looking for new places to see and fun things to do.
  • Brice also enjoys spending time with his family and friends, making every moment special with laughs and smiles.
Brice Rivera Youtube Career

Interesting Facts About Brice Rivera

  • Brice once made a video with a funny hat that made everyone laugh a lot.
  • He has a pet that sometimes sneaks into his videos, which is super silly!
  • Brice loves eating ice cream, even in winter! He says it makes him happy.
  • He once dressed up as a superhero for Halloween and went around making people smile.
  • Brice is good at playing video games, and he sometimes plays them with his fans online.
  • He has a secret handshake with his best friend that they made up when they were kids.
  • Brice loves telling jokes. He knows so many that he could tell a new one every day and never run out!
  • He dreams of traveling to space one day and making a funny video there.
  • Brice has a big collection of colorful socks. He wears a different pair in each video!


Q- Can Brice make people laugh?

A- Yes, Brice is super good at making people giggle with his funny videos!

Q- Does Brice have a pet?

A- Uh-huh, he has a cute pet that sometimes pops up in his videos to say hi!

Q- What kind of games does Brice like?

A- Brice loves playing video games, just like you might enjoy playing games on a sunny afternoon.

Q- Can Brice cook?

A- Yes, Brice likes to cook yummy things like cookies and pizza. Maybe he’ll share his secret recipe one day!

Q- Does Brice have a favorite ice cream?

A- He loves all ice cream, even when it’s cold outside. Ice cream makes him super happy!

Q- Is Brice tall?

A- Yep, Brice is tall like a big tree in the park. You’d have to look up to see his smile!

Q- Has Brice won any awards?

A- Sure has! People give him trophies because his videos are so funny and make lots of people smile.


So, we talked a lot about Brice Rivera, the funny video guy! He loves to laugh and make others laugh too, with his cool videos and big smile. Brice enjoys playing games, cooking, and hanging out at the beach. He keeps some things private, like a treasure chest of secrets, and that’s okay. Brice’s videos are like magic spells that spread joy and giggle all around. Remember, whether he’s playing with his pet or dreaming of space adventures, Brice’s biggest win is making us all happy. He’s a real-life happiness hero!



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