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Eric Mays: Age, Salary, Net Worth, Wife, Cause of Death, Bio 2024.

Eric Mays
Eric Mays

Eric Bradford Mays was an important figure in Flint, Michigan. He was a Councilman representing the First Ward. Eric was born on September 16, 1958. And he passed away at the age of 65. Eric was known for his politics. He had a huge net worth of around over $100 million.

Who Is Eric Mays?

Eric Bradford Mays was known as an American auto worker and politician. Eric served as the member of the Flint City Council. He served there from Nov 2013 until his last breath in 2024. Eric was one of the highly controversial celebrities in his tenure due to many incidents.

His catchphrase, “Point of Order!” was very famous on social media. His one famous quote is “When they go low, I go low-ER”.

Early Life & Education:

Eric was born on September 16, 1958 in Flint, Michigan. His family belongs to Christian religion. His father Louis H. Mays was late Pastor. His mother’s name was Rosie B. Mays and she was house wife. He was raised there with four siblings: three brothers and a sister.

Eric completed his primary education in Flint. He completed his higher education from flint local school after that he Graduated from Michigan University in 1981. Eric got degree in pol science and pre-law. He served as the Black Student Alliance president. He participated in protests against apartheid and nuclear weapons in his student politics.

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Eric Mays joined as the labour advocacy with General Motors and the UAW. There, He championed causes like environmental justice, racial equality, and police accountability. Eric secured the First Ward city council seat in 2013 after many failed attempts.

Eric served three impactful terms as a Councilman. He was well known for his passionate politics and memorable quotes.


Eric Mays was an entrepreneur. He excelled in real estate, technology, media sectors. His made many investments and started business ventures. His investments contributed to his estimated net worth of $100 million.

Eric May faced a 90-day prison sentence. He also faced a $500 fine for false testimony. Still, he was a respected figure in the business world.

Eric Mays was known for philanthropy. Eric donated time and money to education. He also took interest in startups, and various causes. His presence left a lasting impact on society. His legacy will continue to inspire more entrepreneurs.

Eric Mays Political Career:

Eric Mays entered in politics in the early 2000s. Mays started politics during his student life. He participated in various political campaigns. In this way he led the groundwork for his own future political endeavors.

In 2013, Eric secured a seat from Flint City Council. He represented the city’s First Ward. This success marked a new chapter in his life.

Eric Bradford Mays faced a controversy which draw attention for his behavior during meetings. His actions often enlighten debates and brought research. He was suspended from council chambers.

in 2016, Eric Mays was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). Eric faced trial, Prosecutors raised questions about his judgement and conduct. This case increased the controversies around him.

Advocate eric became the need of the poor community. He raised his voice for issues faced by his voters. Eric supported them in their bad phase. He focused on on infrastructure development and community revitalization in that area.

in 2014, Eric Mays tried to boost his political career. He focused for a seat in the Michigan State House of Representatives. He aimed to represent District 34 but failed.


Eric Mays’ life is full of controversies. His legacy is defined by controversy during his City Council tenure. This marked by incidents leading to criticism. He also faced a DUI arrest.

Eric advocated for the First Ward. He focused on main infrastructure and community revitalization.  His aim was to enhance residents of northeast Flint’s lives.


Full Name:Eric Bradford Mays
Nick Name:Eric Mays
Date of birth:Sep 16, 1958
Died:Feb 24, 2024
Age:65 Years Old
Death Cause:Natural Causes
Zodiac Sign:Virgo

Eric Mays Body Measurements

Height:6 Feet 0 Inch
Weight:81 Kg
Body Measurement:NA
Eye Color:Hazel
Hair Color:Black

Family Relationships

Father:Louis H. Mays
Mother:Rosie B. Mays
Brother:3 Brothers
Sister:Veronica Simon
Wife:Megan Ritchie
Children:Eric HaKeem Deontaye

Love Life:

Eric Mays was a married man. He married to Megan Richie. There is not much information available for Megan. They spend happy life with each other and supported each other at heard times. Megan supported him during court hearings. She defended him against critics also assisted with his campaign efforts.

Eric Mays Net Worth:

Eric was a famous politician and investor. Eric achieved much success in his business. He became Flint Councilman in 2013. He was the one of the first officials who raise concerns about water quality. He has a huge net worth of around $100 Million.

Name:Eric Bradford Mays
Wealth:$100 Millions
Source of Wealth:Politician

Interesting Facts:

  • Eric Mays was an activist for the quality of Flint’s water.
  • He became Flint City Councilman in 2013.
  • He passed away at 65 years old.
  • His political journey spanned over a decade.
  • His catchphrases were famous on social media as “Point of Order!”.
  •  He belongs to Democratic party.
  •  He was buried in Paradise Funeral Chapel in Saginaw, Michigan.
  • He died without a will.
  • His death causes to a legal battle.


  • Eric Mays liked to speak on Politics Topics.
  • He liked reading History books.
  • He liked Hiking.
  • He liked photography.
  • He liked representing poorest people.
  • He liked Traveling.
  • She liked Mexican cuisines.

Social Media Accounts:

He was not a social media person. He kept his life away from social media platforms. Although he liked media interactions. But hi did not like posting his life in front of the whole world.

He created social media platform accounts. But he did not use much.


Q- What happened to Eric?

A- Eric Bradford Mays died of natural causes. He died on Feb 24, 2024 at 65 years old.

Q- What was Eric May’s famous quote?

A- He was known as the man of quotes. His one famous quote is “When they go low, I go low-ER”.

Q- Does Eric Mays have Instagram?

A- Yes. He had an Instagram account. But after his death, it is not working.

Q- When did Eric Mays pass away?

A- He passed away on 24th Feb, 2024.

Q- What has Eric Mays done?

A- He was 1st Ward councilman. He left a legacy of fearless advocacy and in-your-face politics. His voters elected him three times in Flint City Hall.



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