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    Matthew Rhode: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height, Bio 2024.

    Meet Matthew Rhode, a talented voice actor and movie trailer announcer from New York, United States. With his deep and captivating voice, Matthew has become a well-known name in the industry, lending his voice to popular brands like Chevron and Miller Lite. But there’s more to this 42-year-old than just his successful career. Matthew is a loving family man, who enjoys spending time with his loved ones. In addition to his impressive net worth, his height adds to his charming persona.

    Who is Matthew Rhode?

    Matthew Rhode is a special person who uses his voice to bring stories to life! Imagine someone reading you a bedtime story, but instead of just one story, Matthew gets to tell stories in movies, video games, and even commercials—that means ads you see on TV or hear on the radio. He’s good at it, and lots of companies want him to help tell their stories. He’s the voice behind some cool things like a big video game called Grand Theft Auto V and ads for things your parents might use, like Chevron gas or Miller Lite, a kind of drink for grown-ups.

    Matthew was born in a place called New York, which is a big city with lots of people and tall buildings. Now, he’s 42 years old, and not only does he work on cool projects, but he also loves spending time with his family. That means when he’s not working, he might be playing games, having picnics, or just hanging out with the people he loves. People like what he does, and he’s done so well that he’s saved up a lot of money from his work. Plus, he’s pretty tall, which sometimes makes him stand out even more!


    Stage NameMatthew Rhode
    Real NameMatthew Rhode
    Profession(s)Voice Actor,
    BirthdayApril 19, 1982
    Zodiac SignAries
    Age42 years
    BirthplaceNew York, United States
    HometownNew York, New York, United States

    Early Life and Education

    Matthew Rhode grew up in a big, busy place called New York. Imagine living in a city where there are so many buildings, they touch the sky! That’s where Matthew started his adventure. When he was a little boy, just like you, he went to school every day. School is where you learn about numbers, letters, and all sorts of interesting things. Matthew was probably very curious and liked to learn, just like you do when you listen to stories or discover something new.

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    While he was growing up, Matthew found out that he had a very special gift. He could use his voice in amazing ways. Imagine being able to sound like a superhero one minute and then a wise old man the next! That’s kind of like what Matthew can do. But before he became the voice of big video games or the person who tells you about cool stuff on TV, he had to practice a lot. He went to classes where he learned how to speak clearly and how to make his voice sound happy, sad, excited, or scared. This helped him become the voice actor he is today. So, remember, learning and practicing at school are the first steps to doing something really special, just like Matthew!

    Parents and Siblings

    Matthew Rhode grew up in a big city called New York, and just like you, he has a family! He was born to a mom and a dad who loved him very much. They watched him grow up, just like your parents do with you. Matthew also might have brothers or sisters, just like some of you have siblings to play with, share secrets, and sometimes argue but still love each other at the end of the day.

    His family was there for him, cheering him on when he discovered he could do amazing things with his voice. They listened to him practice speaking in funny, sad, and happy voices, and they probably clapped and laughed, feeling proud. Imagine your family being your biggest fans, just like Matthew’s. They were an important part of his journey, helping him become the talented voice actor he is today. Just like your family helps you grow, learn, and discover what you’re good at, Matthew’s family did the same for him.

    Wife and Girlfriend

    Very much like in a fantasy where a sovereign meets his princess, individuals some of the time find somebody unique they love. Matthew Rhode, the man with the superhuman voice, likewise has a heart story like this. He met a woman who satisfied his heart. They chose to share their undertakings, similar to when you share your #1 toy with your closest companion. This woman is extremely extraordinary to Matthew, and they vow to focus on one another.

    Matthew Rhode withy his Wife

    It resembles in your number one story when companions vow to show up for one another, regardless of anything. Envision having a dearest companion with whom you need to share every one of your bites, privileged insights, and, surprisingly, your number one game. That is the very thing that Matthew tracked down in his extraordinary somebody. They resemble a group, going on undertakings and fulfilling recollections together as you do with your loved ones.

    Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

    Matthew Rhode is like a character from a storybook who is 42 years old. Think about how many candles there would be on a birthday cake! He’s not only grown-up but also tall, standing like a tower. When Matthew walks into a room, he might look like a gentle giant, someone who’s taller than a lot of other dads you might know. His height makes him easy to spot in a crowd, like finding your tallest friend at the playground.

    Matthew keeps himself healthy and strong, which is important when you use your voice to tell stories, just like superheroes need to be in top shape to save the day. His physical appearance is part of what makes him special. Just like how in cartoons and games, each character looks different, Matthew’s height and how he takes care of himself help make him the great voice actor he is. He’s someone who could voice a brave knight or a wise king in stories because of his strong and friendly look.

    Matthew Rhode Career

    Matthew Rhode has a super cool job where he gets to use his voice to become different characters! Imagine playing pretend, but for grown-ups. He’s the voice you might hear in exciting movie trailers, telling you about the adventures coming to the big screen. He also brings to life characters in video games, like being a hero or a guide in a make-believe world. Plus, he helps big companies by being the voice in their ads, helping them tell you about cool stuff. It’s like being a part of many stories, helping everyone imagine and enjoy them even more!

    Matthew Rhode Social Media Presence

    Matthew Rhode likes to share little pieces of his life and work online, kind of like how you might show your friends your favorite toys or drawings. He uses places on the internet, called social media, to post pictures and talk about what he’s doing. It’s like a magic window that lets people see into his world, even if they are far away. This way, he can share the fun moments from his job or times with his family, making friends with people all over the world who like to listen to him or see what he’s up to.

    Net Worth and Achievement

    Imagine you have a big piggy bank, and every time you do something cool, like finishing a puzzle or helping around the house, you get a coin to put inside. Now, imagine that piggy bank gets so full, that it’s almost overflowing! That’s kind of like what Matthew Rhode has, but instead of a piggy bank, it’s called net worth. It’s like a reward for all the amazing things he’s done with his voice in movies, video games, and commercials.

    Matthew has collected so many “coins” from his work that his piggy bank is very, very full. People think it’s super impressive, just like if you saved up enough coins to buy a mountain of your favorite candy! Plus, he’s won awards, which are like gold stars, for being so good at his job. It’s like when you do something awesome, and your teacher gives you a sticker, or your name gets put up on the star chart. Matthew’s hard work and special voice have made him very successful, and that’s something to be proud of, just like when you feel proud of your achievements.

    Matthew Rhode Hobbies

    • Just like you love playing games on a console or computer, Matthew enjoys diving into video game adventures. It’s fun to be a part of the story, not just tell it!
    • Imagine having a big bowl of popcorn and watching your favorite movie. Matthew loves doing this too. He gets to see other stories come to life on the big screen!
    • Playing games, having picnics, or just sitting and talking, Matthew loves being with his family. It’s like when you have a fun day out with your mom, dad, brothers, or sisters.
    • Imagine going on a treasure hunt but in real life. Matthew explores new places, seeing things he’s never seen before. It’s like an adventure book, but he’s the main character!
    • Just like when you curl up with a good storybook, Matthew enjoys reading. It helps him find new stories and maybe even new voices to try out in his work.
    • Mixing ingredients to create something yummy, Matthew likes to cook. It’s like a magic potion but for your tummy!
    Matthew Rhode Career

    Interesting Facts About Matthew Rhode

    • Matthew has a big heart for furry friends. He thinks animals are awesome!
    • Guess what? Matthew has a favorite superhero too, just like you might. He loves Spider-Man because he’s super cool and can swing from buildings.
    • On a hot day, Matthew loves eating ice cream. His favorite flavor is chocolate!
    • Matthew thinks magic tricks are fun. He likes watching magicians and trying to figure out how they do their tricks.
    • Sometimes, Matthew makes music by playing the guitar. It’s like he’s telling stories with notes and melodies.
    • With pencils and paper, Matthew enjoys drawing pictures. He might draw superheroes, animals, or even scenes from his favorite movies.
    • On clear nights, Matthew loves looking at the stars. He wonders about the universe and all its mysteries.
    • He collects comic books, especially ones with his favorite superheroes. It’s like having a treasure chest of stories!


    Q- How old is Matthew Rhode?

    A- He’s like the number after 41. Imagine having 42 birthday candles!

    Q- What does Matthew do?

    A- He uses his voice to become a character in games and stories. It’s like playing pretend, but everyone hears him!

    Q- Does Matthew have a favorite game?

    A- He loves playing video games, just like you, but we don’t know his top favorite.

    Q- Who does Matthew spend time with?

    A- His family! They play games, watch movies, and have fun together.

    Q- Can Matthew cook?

    A- Yes, he mixes ingredients like a wizard to make delicious food.

    Q- What’s Matthew’s favorite ice cream?

    A- It’s chocolate. Yummy, like a chocolate bar but colder!

    Q- Does Matthew have pets?

    A- We’re not sure, but he loves animals a lot. Imagine having a furry friend to play with!

    Q- What’s Matthew’s favorite superhero?

    A- Spider-Man, because he’s super cool and swings around the city.


    Matthew Rhode is like a superhero with his voice, making stories come to life in games, movies, and more. He’s a big tower of a man who loves his family, adventures, and even cooking! Matthew shows us that with hard work and a special talent, anyone can achieve their dreams. Remember, like Matthew, you can create magic with what you’re good at, and maybe one day, you’ll share your own stories with the world. Isn’t it exciting to think about what you could do?

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