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    Rikkie Leigh Robertson: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Bio 2024.

    Rikkie Leigh Robertson may not have been born into fame, but she certainly knows how to make a name for herself. This American model and social media influencer became well-known after marrying Abraham Isaac Quintanilla III, the brother of the late Queen of Tejano Music, Selena Quintanilla. Despite keeping a low profile, Rikkie has managed to gain attention for her stunning looks and successful modeling career. So, let’s dive into the life of Rikkie Leigh Robertson and learn about her age, career, family, net worth, and more!

    Who is Rikkie Leigh Robertson?

    Rikkie Leigh Robertson is like a beautiful flower that wasn’t known by many until she found a special garden to bloom in. Imagine if you had a secret garden, and one day, you found a new, bright flower there. That’s kind of what happened when Rikkie married a man named Abraham Quintanilla III. Abraham is famous because his sister, Selena, was a very popular singer. Just like how a flower needs sunlight to grow, Rikkie’s life started to sparkle more after marrying Abraham.

    She is a model, which means she poses for photos to show off clothes or products so people will want to buy them. Even though she likes to keep things about her life private. Like where she went to school or who her family is, we know she loves modeling. Rikkie shows us that sometimes, even if you start quietly, you can still shine brightly and catch everyone’s attention.

    Early Life and Education

    Rikkie Leigh Robertson was once a little girl just like any other. When she was very young, she lived her life away from the spotlight, kind of like a hidden treasure that no one knew about yet. Rikkie went to school like all kids do, but what she learned there or where exactly she went is a bit of a mystery.

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    It’s like when you have a secret clubhouse and you only tell your best friends where it is. Rikkie hasn’t shared much about her school days or the subjects she liked to study. Maybe she enjoyed drawing or reading books, or perhaps she was good at running and playing in the schoolyard. Even though we don’t know these details, it’s easy to imagine Rikkie as a curious and bright student. Always ready to learn something new and exciting, just like how she explores the world of modeling today.


    Full nameRikkie Leigh Robertson
    Date of birth14th March 1988
    Age34 years old( as of 2022)
    Zodiac signPisces
    Place of birthCorpus Christi, Texas, United States of America
    Current residenceTexas, United States of America
    EthnicityBritish -Scottish
    Height in feet5′ 7″
    Height in centimeters170
    Weight in pounds150
    Weight in kilograms68
    Body Measurement in inches36-30-38
    Body measurement in centimeters91-76-97
    Shoe size8.5(US)
    Dress size6(US)
    Hair colorBrunette
    Eye colorDark brown
    Marital statusMarried twice
    Ex-husbandAbraham Isaac “A. B” Quintanilla III
    ProfessionModel, receptionist, and social media celebrity
    Net worth$1 million

    Parents and Siblings

    Imagine you have a mystery box, and inside it could be anything you imagine. That’s a bit like trying to learn about Rikkie Leigh Robertson’s family. We don’t know much about her mommy and daddy. Or if she has brothers and sisters to play with and share secrets. Maybe she played hide-and-seek with her siblings. Or perhaps she was the only child and had all her toys to herself. It’s like Rikkie’s family is a secret garden where only special guests are allowed to visit, and we haven’t found the key yet. Just like in a fairy tale, some things remain a mystery, making our curiosity grow even more!

    Husband and Boyfriend

    Once upon a time, Rikkie found her prince charming, Abraham Quintanilla III. Abraham isn’t just any prince, though; he’s super special because his sister was a famous singer, kind of like Cinderella, but for music. Rikkie and Abraham decided to get married. Which is like the part in fairy tales where the princess and prince live happily ever after. But, just like in some stories, not all fairy tales have the same ending.

    Rikkie Leigh Robertson

    Rikkie and Abraham, after sharing many adventures, chose to go on their separate journeys, like two ships sailing in different directions. Even though they’re not together anymore, Rikkie’s story of being a princess in her own right continues. She keeps being awesome, living her life, and doing what she loves. Just like in stories, every chapter has its tale, and Rikkie’s story is still being written.

    Age, Weight, Height, and Physical Appearance

    Rikkie Leigh Robertson is like a character from a storybook, where every detail about her adds to the magic of her tale. Imagine if you were drawing a picture of a princess; you’d want to know exactly how tall she is. What her smile looks like, and maybe even how much she weighs so you could get your drawing just right. With Rikkie, think of her as a princess in her modern fairy tale. She’s grown up, which means she’s not a little kid anymore but a grown-up lady. Her height is like that of a basketball player, tall enough to reach the high branches of a tree but still perfectly sized for modeling beautiful dresses.

    We don’t talk about a person’s weight because it’s like asking about the secret ingredients in a magical potion— it’s just not something we need to know to see their sparkle. Rikkie’s appearance, with her shining smile and eyes that light up like stars. Makes her stand out in any room, just like how a fairy tale character would. Remember, it’s not the numbers that make her special; it’s her kindness and how she carries herself, just like the heroes in our favorite stories.

    Rikkie Leigh Robertson Career

    Rikkie Leigh Robertson is like a star in her movie, but instead of acting, she works as a model. Imagine playing dress-up but for your job! She stands in front of cameras and shows off pretty clothes so people can see how they look. It’s like when you pick out your favorite outfit to show your friends, but Rikkie does it and everyone around the world can see. She makes sure every dress and shirt looks just right, helping people decide what they might want to wear. It’s a fun job where she gets to be the person everyone looks at in magazines or on websites, just like a real-life princess in her kingdom of fashion.

    Rikkie Leigh Robertson Social Media Presence

    Imagine Rikkie as a fairy who sprinkles her magic dust all over the internet. She shares pictures and stories on places like Instagram, where it’s like a huge online photo album. It’s a way she talks to people, sharing bits of her life, just like when you show your friends your favorite toys. Rikkie uses these magic internet spots to let us peek into her world. It’s like she’s inviting us to a never-ending tea party, and every picture is a new story she tells. Isn’t that fun?

    Rikkie Leigh Robertson Net Worth and Achievement

    In the world of grown-ups, people sometimes talk about something called “net worth.” This is a way of saying how much all the toys, books, and treasures someone has are worth. For Rikkie Leigh Robertson, imagine she has a big treasure chest filled with sparkly jewels from her modeling work. She takes pictures in beautiful clothes and shows them to the world, which is like her finding shiny coins and adding them to her chest.

    Rikkie’s treasure chest is pretty big because she’s done a great job in her career. Even though we don’t know exactly how many sparkly jewels she has, we can guess it’s a lot! Besides her treasure chest, Rikkie has also achieved a lot by being known as a great model. It’s like when you finish a big puzzle and feel proud of what you’ve done. That’s how Rikkie feels about her career – she’s put together a big, beautiful picture of her life and work, which is an achievement all on its own.

    Rikkie Leigh Robertson

    Rikkie Leigh Robertson Hobbies

    • Rikkie loves to try on different outfits, just like when you play dress-up. She mixes and matches clothes to find the perfect look!
    • Imagine having a fun photo shoot with your toys. That’s what Rikkie does, but with beautiful clothes and in cool places!
    • Rikkie enjoys walks in parks and gardens, looking at flowers and trees, kind of like going on a treasure hunt in a magical forest.
    • She likes to read stories about princesses and heroes, diving into adventures from the comfort of her couch.
    • Just like when you make art with glitter and glue, Rikkie loves to create things by hand, making her world colorful.
    • Picture making cookies shaped like stars and hearts; Rikkie enjoys baking sweet treats to share with friends.
    • Like having a dance party in your room, Rikkie loves to listen to music and dance around, feeling happy and free.

    Rikkie Leigh Robertson Interesting Facts

    • Rikkie once had a fairy tale wedding with a music prince named Abraham. They shared a magical story!
    • She’s like a secret flower that bloomed in a hidden garden because not many people knew her until she married Abraham.
    • Rikkie loves to stand in front of cameras and be the star of the show, showing off pretty dresses just like a real-life princess.
    • She keeps a treasure chest, but instead of gold and jewels, it’s filled with beautiful photos and memories from her modeling.
    • Even though Rikkie is a grown-up, she enjoys playing dress-up and having photo shoots, making every day a bit magical.
    • She’s a bit of a mystery, like a hidden gem. Not much is known about her family, making her story even more interesting!
    • Rikkie loves to sprinkle her magic on the internet, sharing her adventures and beautiful pictures with friends all over the world.


    Q- What does Rikkie do for fun?

    A- She loves playing dress-up with different outfits, taking pretty pictures, exploring parks, reading about princesses and heroes, making crafts, baking yummy cookies, and dancing to music.

    Q- How did Rikkie become famous?

    A- She became more known after marrying a music prince named Abraham, who has a famous sister.

    Q- Does Rikkie have any brothers or sisters?

    A- It’s a mystery! We don’t know much about her family, just like a secret garden.

    Q- What’s Rikkie’s job?

    A- She’s a model, which means she gets to wear cool clothes and pose for photos, kind of like being the star of her show.

    Q- How does Rikkie share her adventures?

    A- She uses magic internet spots like Instagram to post pictures and stories, inviting us to her never-ending tea party.


    So, we’ve been on a big adventure learning about Rikkie Leigh Robertson. A lady who became a bit like a princess when she married a music prince. She’s super good at modeling, like showing off pretty dresses in a magical world. Even though we don’t know a lot about her family, it’s clear she’s living a story filled with fun, fashion, and fairy tale moments. Rikkie’s tale shows us that anyone can sparkle in their special way, just like stars in the night sky. Isn’t it wonderful how stories can take us to magical places? And remember, every person has their own story, just waiting to be told.

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