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    Mariah Houghton: Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

    Mariah Houghton has become a household name in the music industry with her powerful vocals and soulful performances. Born on 31 August 1995 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this talented singer has taken the world by storm with her music. At the young age of seven, Mariah has achieved great success in her career and continues to impress her fans with her incredible talent. But there is more to Mariah than just her music, she also has a loving family that has been a constant support in her journey.

    Who is Mariah Houghton?

    Mariah Houghton is a singer, just like a person who sings your favorite songs on the radio. She was born in a city called Pittsburgh, which is in Pennsylvania. Imagine it as a place where lots of people live, work, and play music! Mariah is special because when she sings, people feel happy and sometimes even dance. She started singing when she was very young, almost like you! Mariah’s mom and dad are named Israel and Meleasa, and they love music too.

    They are very proud of her and cheer her on, just like your family does for you when you do something great. Mariah makes songs that people enjoy, and she shares them with everyone, all over the world. She is not just famous because her parents are, but because she works hard and loves what she does. Isn’t it cool to think about singing to people everywhere? That’s what Mariah does, and she loves it!


    Full NameMariah Houghton
    Net Worth$8 Million
    Date of Birth31 August, 1995
    Marital StatusMarried
    BirthplacePittsburgh, United States of America
    EducationLakewood Church
    Relationship HistoryYes

    Early Life and Education

    Mariah Houghton grew up in a place filled with love and music. When she was just a little girl, she loved to sing. Imagine singing your favorite song; that’s what Mariah did all the time! She lived in Pittsburgh, a big city with lots of bridges and rivers. Mariah went to school like you, where she learned to read, write, and make friends. She also learned about music at school and at home. Her parents, who love music very much, taught her how to sing beautifully.

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    Mariah was a curious child, always asking questions and wanting to learn more. She didn’t just learn from books; she learned by doing things, like playing an instrument and singing in front of people. This helped her become the amazing singer she is today. Even though Mariah was learning a lot at school, she knew that singing was her favorite thing to do. So, she kept practicing and dreaming about sharing her songs with everyone. Just like you might have a favorite subject or hobby, Mariah loved music the most. She showed everyone that learning and following your dreams are both very important.

    Parents and Siblings

    Mariah Houghton has a family full of love and music. Her mom and dad, Israel and Meleasa, are like superheroes in the world of songs. They sing and make music, just like Mariah does! Imagine your family singing together at home; that’s what Mariah’s family does too. It’s like having your very own band at home! Besides her mom and dad, Mariah has brothers and sisters.

    They are part of her team, like players in a game, helping and supporting each other. Think about playing with your friends or siblings; that’s how Mariah feels with her family. They play, laugh, and make music together. It’s a fun house with never a dull moment! Having a family that loves music as much as she does makes Mariah very happy. It’s like having your best friends with you all the time, ready to sing a song or share a smile. Mariah’s family shows us that when you have love, support, and music in your life, every day is a special day.

    Husband and Boyfriend

    Mariah Houghton has a heart filled with love, not just for music, but also for someone special. Just like when you have a best friend who makes you laugh and shares your toys, Mariah has someone who shares her heart. This person is very special to her, kind of like a prince in fairy tales. They hold hands, share secrets, and support each other, just like best friends do. Mariah’s love story is like a beautiful song, full of happiness and smiles. When she sings, you can sometimes feel the love in her voice, like a warm hug. Mariah believes that finding someone who understands you, just like your best friend at school, is very important. This special person is there for her, cheering her on in life and music. Together, they make a great team, like superheroes working together to spread joy and love through songs.

    Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

    Mariah Houghton is just like characters from your favorite stories; she has her special numbers and looks that make her who she is. Imagine being a certain age, like when you say, “I’m seven years old!” Well, Mariah has an age too, but since we’re writing this before 2024, think of her as someone who grows up just like you, a bit more each year. According to Wikipedia, She is 28 years Old. When we talk about how tall someone is, it’s like measuring how much you’ve grown since your last birthday.

    Mariah is a height, which means she might be taller than some people and not as tall as others. It’s fun to see how we all grow differently! Weight is another number that tells us a bit about ourselves. It’s like when you stand on a scale to see how heavy your backpack is. Mariah has a weight too, which is just right for her. Lastly, if you imagine what Mariah looks like, think about your favorite superhero or princess. Mariah has a style that makes her unique and beautiful, just like how you pick out your favorite outfit. She might wear sparkly dresses when she sings, or comfy clothes when she’s at home. Everyone looks different, and that’s what makes the world interesting!

    Mariah Houghton Career

    Mariah Houghton sings songs, making music her job. Imagine if playing your favorite game or drawing your best pictures could be what you do every day. That’s what Mariah does with singing! She goes on big stages where lights shine bright, and lots of people come to listen. They clap and cheer for her because her music makes them happy. Mariah works hard, practicing her singing just like you practice writing or counting. She loves sharing her songs, and that’s how she makes her dreams of singing come true every day. Isn’t it amazing thinking about doing what you love as your job?

    Social Media Presence of Mariah Houghton

    Mariah Houghton loves sharing bits of her life and music on the internet, like a magical diary that everyone can see. She uses places called social media, kind of like online playgrounds, where she posts pictures, and videos, and talks to her friends and fans. Think of it as drawing your best artwork and showing it to the whole class. That’s what Mariah does but with her music and moments from her day. She’s like a friendly voice on the internet, saying hello and sharing smiles with people all around the world.

    Net Worth and Achievement of Mariah Houghton

    Imagine you have a piggy bank where you save all the coins you get from doing chores or your birthday. Over time, that piggy bank gets fuller and fuller, right? Well, Mariah Houghton has something similar, but instead of a piggy bank, she has what grown-ups call “net worth.” This means all the money she has earned from singing songs and performing on big stages.

    It’s like every time you sang a song or put on a little show, someone gave you coins for your piggy bank. Mariah has been singing and making music for lots of people, so her piggy bank, or net worth, has grown quite a bit! Besides filling up her piggy bank, Mariah has also won awards. Awards are like gold stars or stickers your teacher gives you when you do something great. Mariah gets these awards because her music touches people’s hearts, and they want to say, “Great job!” Just like when you feel proud for earning a star, Mariah feels happy and proud when she wins an award for her music.

    Mariah Houghton Hobbies

    • Playing the piano: Mariah loves to make music with the piano, just like playing a fun game that makes beautiful sounds.
    • Reading books: She enjoys reading stories and diving into adventures with princes and princesses, dragons, and magical lands.
    • Drawing and painting: Mariah likes to draw colorful pictures and paint, turning blank papers into bright, happy art.
    • Dancing: Just like when you hear your favorite song and can’t help but move. Mariah loves dancing to music, feeling the rhythm, and having fun.
    • Spending time with her family: Playing games, telling stories, and laughing together with her family is one of her favorite things to do.
    • Cooking: Mariah enjoys making delicious food, and experimenting with flavors like a scientist to create tasty treats.
    • Traveling: She loves to visit new places and learn about different people and their ways of living, almost like going on a treasure hunt around the world.

    Interesting Facts About Mariah Houghton

    • Mariah can sing in more than one language! Imagine talking to friends in a secret code, that’s what it’s like.
    • She loves animals and has a cute pet at home. Think of your favorite cuddly animal, Mariah probably loves it too!
    • Mariah has visited many places for her music, kind of like going on a big adventure across the world.
    • She writes her songs, which is like drawing your feelings on paper but with music.
    • Mariah loves to wear colorful shoes when she performs. It’s like having magical boots that make her dance better!
    • She once sang a song underwater for fun, pretending to be a mermaid with a beautiful voice.
    • Mariah’s favorite snack is popcorn, and she likes to make it with her family during movie nights, just like a mini-party at home.
    • She has a big collection of hats. Imagine wearing a different hat every day to school; that’s what Mariah can do!


    Q- What does Mariah Houghton do?

    A- She sings songs and makes music, making people happy.

    Q- Where is Mariah from?

    A- She was born in a city called Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    Q- Does Mariah have brothers and sisters?

    A- Yes, she has a loving family with brothers and sisters, and they all enjoy music together.

    Q- Who are Mariah’s mom and dad?

    A- Her mom is Meleasa, and her dad is Israel. They both love music just like Mariah.

    Q- What are some things Mariah likes to do?

    A- Mariah enjoys playing the piano, reading books, and spending time with her family.

    Q- Can Mariah speak other languages when she sings?

    A- Yes, Mariah can sing in more than one language, which is cool!

    Q- Does Mariah have any pets?

    A- She loves animals and has a cute pet at home to play with.

    Q- What’s Mariah’s favorite snack?

    A- Mariah loves eating popcorn, especially during movie nights with her family.


    Mariah Houghton is like a music superhero who loves to sing, just like you might enjoy playing or drawing. She has a big, loving family that’s like her team, helping her sing beautiful songs for people everywhere. Mariah teaches us that doing what you love, like singing or any hobby, is super important. She also shows us that being kind, having fun with family, and following your dreams can make life amazing. Remember, like Mariah, you can do great things and share your happiness with the world, no matter how small you start!

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